Webinar – Teams as a holistic contact center solution (German only)

Many organizations already use Microsoft Teams for internal communications and meetings. Few organizations know that Teams can also be used as an enterprise-wide telephony and comprehensive contact center solution. In this Webinar, Meike Tarabori, Editor-in-Chief of cmm360.ch, and Marcel Gaufroid, Account and Partner Manager at Luware, explain how to use Teams as a holistic contact center solution.

What The Webinar Covered:

  • Challenges for Customer Service and IT: What are the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, modern work, and cloud/ SaaS solutions?
  • Teams for direct calls and contact center: Opportunities, limitations, and how to exploit these.
  • Why use Teams for customer service at all? How you can break down silos, streamline your IT, and how your business will benefit from collaborative customer service.
  • Teams Contact Center live: short live demo of what a Teams-based customer service solution can look like.
  • 360° customer view, integrations, and automation: How that can be done with a Teams-based contact center.
  • Recommendations: What kind of organizations profit from a Teams-based contact center, and how to go about setting one up.

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