Luware Won Verint Financial Compliance Hosting Partner Award

We are overjoyed to share another great achievement that underlines our commitment to excellence. At Verint’s annual EMEA Partner Summit 2024, Luware Recording was awarded the Verint Financial Compliance Hosting Partner of the Year Award, a recognition that underscores our strength in compliance software and showcases our expertise in regulatory compliance tools.


Celebrating the Win of Verint Financial Compliance Hosting Partner Award

The dynamic world of financial services presents numerous compliance challenges and compliance issues. But one partnership stands out when it comes to delivering compliance solutions: Luware Recording and Verint. In fact, Luware has been Verint’s largest and longest-standing hosting partner since 2013.

But 2024 marked a special milestone. At Verint’s annual EMEA Partner Summit, Luware Recording won the coveted Verint Financial Compliance Hosting Partner of the Year Award. And it’s the 4th year in a row we’ve taken home the prize.


Win-Win for Customers, Verint and Luware

The secret behind this winning Verint partnership? It’s all about a shared commitment to financial compliance and compliance recording solutions. We bring our expertise in customer consulting, cloud operations, installation, setup, maintenance, support – you name it. Meanwhile, Verint’s software development competence powers cutting-edge recording solutions that ensure businesses adhere to regulatory compliance.

Together, we maximize the benefits of the Verint financial compliance solutions.


“We need a trustworthy, scalable, and efficient recording solution to meet our stringent regulatory requirements and contractual commitments for quality control. We decided to go with the fully managed service from Luware because experts know how to do it best,” – Daniel Steinmann from Swiss Re.

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Luware Recording team at Verint Award 2024

Luware Recording Team at Verint’s annual EMEA Partner Summit


Leveraging Microsoft Teams for Regulatory Compliance and Data Security

While Microsoft Teams has become a widely used collaboration platform, highly regulated industries face unique challenges in ensuring compliance within its dynamic environment.

This is where a focus on robust governance and data management strategies becomes important. By leveraging the right tools and expertise, regulated businesses can harness the power of MS Teams for efficient communication while adhering to strict regulatory requirements.


Industry Data Security Standard with Microsoft Teams

Over a decade ago, we anticipated the rise of Microsoft Teams and its importance in Unified Communications. We were there from the start, providing solutions for routing, contact centers, and most importantly, compliance with Verint Financial Compliance for Microsoft Teams. This early focus on MS Teams and compliance expertise has positioned us perfectly for the explosive growth of MS Teams in financial markets.


Comprehensive Compliance Services – Multimodal and Omnichannel

When it comes to navigating stringent regulations, financial institutions need a partner they can trust. By partnering with us, regulated businesses gain access to a comprehensive set of tools and expertise, allowing them to navigate the complexities of financial compliance with confidence.

Luware Recording goes beyond just being a recording tool; it’s the Swiss Army Knife of compliance recording. Unlike with point solutions, with Luware Recording organizations capture a wide range of communication modalities, ensuring comprehensive oversight.

This includes:

  • Cisco: Capture vital conversations taking place on your Cisco infrastructure.
  • Trader Voice: Maintain a complete audit trail of voice communications on Trader Voice platforms.
  • Mobile: Gain visibility into mobile communications and digital channels that are critical for regulatory compliance.
  • Microsoft Teams: Effectively record and archive Microsoft Teams interactions, a central hub for modern collaboration.
  • Voice Analytics: Transform voice conversations into actionable insights and mitigate risk with Intelligent Voice Speech Analytics.

By consolidating recording across these diverse channels, Luware empowers financial firms to achieve a holistic view of their communications environment and streamline compliance data security and data integrity.


A Big Thank You to Our Team and Our Customers

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to every team member at Luware. Your tireless pursuit of greatness does not go unnoticed. Each of you plays a critical role in our journey to the fourth Verint Financial Compliance Hosting Partner Award.

Let’s pause for a moment to celebrate our shared success, and then roll up our sleeves to continue our mission to deliver unmatched service and solutions to our customers. Here’s to many more years of partnership and continued success with the Verint Team!

🥂 To the entire Luware team, congratulations!



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