Verint awards Luware the EMEA Compliance Partner of the Year

Verint honored selected partners for their achievements in supporting Verint solutions and helping customers succeed. Luware received the EMEA Compliance Partner of the Year 2020 due to our pioneering role and expertise in Financial Compliance for Microsoft Teams. With Luware’s core focus on communication and Microsoft Teams, we can offer customers a rare all-inclusive package with the full service from start to finish.

“Our partners play an important role in our business,” says Verint’s Mike Pryke-Smith, vice president, partner and alliances EMEA. “With our Annual Partner Awards, we are able to step back and applaud our network of partners for their great work across a wide range of industries, customer engagement environments, and technologies that help them simplify, modernize and automate customer engagement and compliance.”

Win-win for customers, Verint and Luware

Verint is dedicated to the software development of recording solutions for Financial Compliance and other business applications. Luware provides the full service for Verint Financial Compliance: consulting of customers, cloud operations, installation, setup, maintenance, support and helping the customers get the maximum from the solution. Furthermore, Luware can provide customers additional solutions for customer communication; for Routing and Call Queueing, Attendant Console and Contact Center in particular.

Verint's Partner of the Year award for Luware

Core competence in Teams coupled with Financial Compliance 

“Luware has its core competence in the field of communication in general and for Microsoft Teams specifically. This is a unique benefit for customers,” states Philipp Beck, Luware CEO. Luware’s core focus has been on communication since we were founded over 10 years ago with a clear strategy on Microsoft Unified Communication. When Microsoft launched its collaboration platform ‘Teams’, we were at the forefront on helping customers getting the most out of it – with our Routing and Contact Center solutions, as well as with the Verint Financial Compliance solution. This expertise pays off with the exponential growth of Teams in the Financial Services industry.

Multimodal and omnichannel 

Verint Financial Compliance is a leading recording solution which can record many modalities, including Cisco, Trader voice, Mobile and of course, Microsoft Teams. Although Luware’s core focus is on Microsoft Teams, we offer a fully managed service for Verint Financial Compliance for all communication platforms. Verint’s solution has proven to be a leading tool for automatically and centrally capturing, archiving and retrieving all communication channels – telephony, chat, email and even video.

“Luware’s core competence in compliance has contributed to another highly successful year with some impressive customer wins.”
Mike Pryke-Smith, Verint

Luware is awarded the EMEA Compliance Partner of the Year 

Verint launched their Financial Compliance Recording for Microsoft Teams in May 2020 and Luware was among the first to onboard customers on the new SaaS solution. Mike Pryke-Smith from Verint says: “Luware’s core competence in compliance has contributed to another highly successful year with some impressive customer wins – one of the main reasons for us to award Luware the EMEA Compliance Partner of the Year Award.”

Long-lasting partnership 

Verint and Luware have fostered a close relationship for many years. Since 2013, we have been working together and Luware has built a dedicated team for Compliance Recording Services. “In our close partnership with Verint, we connect our customers with Verint’s product managers. This helps Verint understand customers better and further develop their solutions according to the market’s needs,” states Philipp Beck.

“We value the great collaboration and we are looking forward to our continuing partnership and customer success.”
Philipp Beck, Luware CEO