Deliver Excellent Customer Service in the Manufacturing Industry with Luware Nimbus

Increase productivity, and drive innovation with seamless communication throughout the value chain. Connect your workforce and your customers with Luware Nimbus to surpass customer expectations.

Connect With Your Customers

Intelligently distribute calls to the right employee or team to deliver efficient and personalized customer service.

Empower Your Workforce

Give all employees, from office to frontline workers, the tools they need to be productive from anywhere.

And Drive Innovation

Use real-time and historical data to identify trends and make data-driven adjustments that propel your business forwards.

Streamline Your Processes

Win and retain customers with streamlined processes that enable you to offer customized solutions, and quickly resolve queries.

  • Integrate your existing tool stack to centralize all customer information in one platform and deliver more personalized service.
  • Use intelligent routing to improve first-call resolution and quickly respond to customers.
  • Use automatic callback to reduce the abandonment rate and efficiently serve all customers.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and create more efficient processes that increase productivity.
  • Easily feed all your data into a data warehouse to make data-driven decisions.

Empower Your Workforce

Break up silos and connect the knowledge of your entire workforce, from office to frontline worker, on one platform.

  • Easily onboard employees with an intuitive interface that seamlessly integrates into Teams.
  • Integrate your contact center into Teams and give service workers the flexibility to work from any place and on any device.
  • Integrate your business tools and provide employees with the knowledge and tools they need to do their best work.
  • Empower your line of business with self-service features and take work off your IT.
  • Automate mundane work and improve employee satisfaction with more meaningful work.

Connect With Your Customers

Create a single source of truth about your customers and empower agents with the knowledge to deliver personalized and efficient service.

  • Build powerful workflows to ensure all customers are cared for.
  • Use intelligent routing to connect customers with the responsible agent.
  • Integrate your CRM and give agents the context information to deliver efficient and personalized service.
  • Use real-time and historical insights to build better customer relationships.
  • Automate simple customer requests and take work off your agents.

See How Organizations Are Transforming Customer Service in Manufacturing

“We want to communicate with our customers as quickly and as well as possible”

Tom Wuyts, B&R Bouwgroup

One of the fastest-growing construction companies in Belgium, B&R Bouwgroup, relies on close cooperation between different subsidiaries and quick and efficient communication with customers and partners to deliver excellent service.

Learn how B&R Bouwgroup uses Luware Nimbus

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