Manage Call Groups and Call Queues in Microsoft Teams

Professionalize your internal and external telephony service to efficiently handle large call volumes with Luware Nimbus.

Managing call groups and call queues in Microsoft Teams involves organizing and handling incoming calls within a team. Both features streamline call management, ensuring efficient handling and routing of calls to the appropriate team members.

Call queues streamline your customer service operations, reducing annoying wait times while making sure everyone gets prompt attention when they need it most.

This leads to increased first call resolution and improved customer service, which essentially helps you improve your whole customer journey management.

How Call Queues Route Calls to Agents

There are a few different ways call queues can route incoming calls to your agents. Some common methods include:


Distributes calls evenly among available agents.

Skill-based routing

Matches callers with agents based on their specific needs or requirements.
More about Skill-based routing

Longest idle

Routes calls to the agent who’s been available the longest.

With these smart routing techniques, customer wait times shrink significantly as calls get directed to the best available agent promptly.
It’s like having an expert navigator guiding each call seamlessly.

Call Queue Features and Functionality

Managing call queues with Luware Nimbus is simple and intuitive. Because we are using the familiar Microsoft Teams interface you already know, reducing complexity and training time. But scroll down and see the different functionalities for yourself. Preferred to see it live?

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Call Overview

Members of your call group have a full overview of call queues and see which service (e.g. HR, London office) the caller has dialed and can take calls accordingly. The caller list shows all the calls that have been answered, went to voicemail or have been called back. This ensures that all customers are served.


Workforce Management

Optimize employee scheduling whilst keeping customers satisfied. Users can temporarily activate or deactivate themselves in a call queue with a toggle switch to either get focus time or help a service in busy times. Easily add employees to the call group for free.

Customized Announcements

Upload your own file or use Text to Speech announcements to greet customers. Shorten wait times by adding announcements about important maintenance information, by informing about self-service options or by offering customers to leave a voice message.


Live and Historic Reporting

Deep dive into your data with ready-made templates that summarize live and historic data and confidently measure KPIs such as call volumes, user statistics and task heatmaps. Use statistics to anticipate busy times and plan staffing accordingly.


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