Integrating customer service into the company-wide communication strategy

Every touchpoint adds to the customers’ experience. Think beyond the ‘classic’ view of customer service where the call center is a standalone application and a siloed department. Instead, utilize and leverage Microsoft Teams to make your customer service an integral part of your organization’s communications strategy.

Every touchpoint adds to the experience

Customer service does not only take place in the contact center – every touchpoint adds to the customers’ experience. Resist thinking of customer service as an island and instead establish it as an integrated part in the overall communication strategy of your company.

Customer service must undergo a mindset change

Using Teams in customer service is more than an IT project – it’s a change of mindset. Microsoft Teams breaks through old communication standards and brings new opportunities: PBX systems become superfluous, company-wide collaboration changes fundamentally and finally employees can serve customers personally and effectively at any location.

Define a cross-department communication strategy

The full potential and synergies of Teams can truly be unleashed when deployed company-wide, empowering your customer-facing employees to easily access experts and information across the company. Together, your knowledge experts and the customer service teams must define the cross-department communication strategy with Microsoft Teams to allow the entire enterprise to work collaboratively. This has the potential to unlock the full potential of the corporate knowledge. By using a single platform, resources are efficiently aligned, improving auditing, tracking and scaling.

Proof of 10 years of experience

Our experience of over 10 years with customers from all industries has shown how they can maximize the benefits of Unified Communication (UC): overcoming departmental thinking and making customer service an integrated part of the organization.