The Melting Pot: Developing the Luware Nimbus Contact Center

Tune in to the latest episodes of “The Melting Pot” to hear James, VP Customer Success, and David, Chief Sales Officer, discuss the release of the new Luware Nimbus Contact Center. They also give insights into the development process and talk about how Luware reimagined the contact center.

The Contact Center is part of the Luware Nimbus application. How does this benefit customers?

Even within a single organization, there is often a mixture of requirements. Luware Nimbus only requires a one-time installation for the entire organization. Once installed, every user and department gets exactly the features they need within a single management interface. You can start small and increase the functionality as your use cases become more complex. Instead of throwing a massive feature set at you, we provide you with a simple solution that solves your problems.

What is included in the first release of the Contact Center?

We have lots of functionality on the Nimbus platform already. The Contact Center will initially introduce skill-based routing and after-call work, but many more features will be added over time. We used our experience of over 11 years in the contact center industry to rethink classic features and to find a new take on solving problems.

How is the Luware Nimbus Contact Center different from older solutions?

Customer service faces different challenges today. A lot of information can be found online, and when customers call the requests are more complex. Qualified agents and internal experts need to be available within the contact center. Customer service can’t be treated as a silo anymore. This means including agents on the same communication platform that everyone else is using, i.e. Microsoft Teams.

Tell us more about the Nimbus journey

When Microsoft announced that Skype for Business would be replaced by Microsoft Teams, we never considered just building a connector solution and stopping there. When we do something, we do it right. For us, that means when you use Teams, you should feel like you are using that product. The Contact Center should be an extension of that product, not a separate entity.

Is Luware Nimbus comparable to LUCS?

We need to find a new way to talk about feature parity. Luware Nimbus different and better in many ways. With Nimbus we are approaching problems in completely new ways that can’t be compared to older solutions. Luware Nimbus is much easier to install and handle. It is fully integrated into the Teams client and can leverage the power of the Microsoft ecosystem.

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