The Luware Spirit: teamwork, afterwork drinks & friends

Luware started 10 years ago with three employees. Michael Jakob and Philipp Beck, two of the founders, are still part of the journey today and run the company with great passion. While Luware has grown to 80 employees at five different locations worldwide over the years, the spirit and family feeling remains unchanged. This means, helping each other out, Friday after work drinks and friendships.

What’s it like to work at Luware?

Philipp and Michael have founded Luware 10 years ago. What do they do today? And how is it to work for Luware? Watch the interview with our CEO Philipp to get a glimpse into our work environment. (Enable subtitles by clicking on the settings icon).

Afterwork drinks – in person and remotely

Friday afterwork drinks have become well-established at Luware. Our offices are fully equipped with a dedicated beer fridge and every Friday at 4pm the beer song starts our weekly ritual (the song is it German but the translation should be pretty obvious). And it’s not unusual that Philipp (our CEO) stands next to your desk and asks you which beer or drink he shall bring you.

Not allowed to work in the office? No problem – we just do it virtually
These are our London Luwarians on their weekly gathering which can easily keep you entertained for several hours.

It’s great to see how the Luware spirit has evolved in these 10 years and how it keeps living even with people working remotely. We are excited to keep fostering it in the future whilst continuing to grow.