TeamManager 3.4 & Stratus Team update

After many new features in the previous release, the 3.4 update for TeamManager and Stratus Team focused on improvements under the hood, such as the update to the .NET framework version 4.7.2, bug fixes and performance improvements. Furthermore, new features such as picking up calls from the queue when a user has just joined the service line or the Task ID for reporting data add valuable functionality for users.

Update to .NET 4.7.2

To benefit from and operate with the latest Microsoft Graph API as well as other frameworks and APIs, we have updated the required framework version of our solutions to .NET 4.7.2 or newer. Customers that still run older versions are required to perform an update to at least the 4.7.2 version before upgrading to LUCS 3.4 or the latest Stratus Agent update respectively. With the newer framework version, customers also benefit from security patches and bug fixes.

Performance improvements to handle 240,000+ calls a day

Our efforts in improving the performance of the systems have paid off. In the load testing, our solutions were easily able to handle over 240,000 calls in 24h – with the reporting and frontend working smoothly and promptly.

Picking up active calls for newly signedin users

When users activate themselves for a service line, they can now also pick calls that had already been in the queue before they were activated. This allows employees to quickly jump in to help a team handling calls when they see a customer waiting in the line.

Tasks ID for reporting data

The additional Task ID keeps all the data together from the entire customer call. This aggregates the data of the entire customer journey and therewith provides a better and more comprehensive reporting.

Brand-new Power BI reporting for Stratus Team

Stratus Team gets a brand-new Power BI report which offers a detailed analysis of the historic data. The interactive Power BI report includes statistics over the total amount of handled and not-handled sessions per service, as well as a heatmap of calls per day and time among many other KPIs. Interactive filters allow a fast overview and deep insight into detailed data.

Complete, detailed release notes in the Knowledge Base

Check out the Luware Knowledge Base for the complete TeamManager 3.4 release notes as well as the Stratus Team release notes including all the details.