Systemize Your Contact Center with Improved Administration

We have introduced new administrator features to help systemize your contact center.

Improved Service Provisioning

The Luware Nimbus Advanced Routing and Enterprise Routing modules add call management and reporting capabilities to any Nimbus team. Since Luware Nimbus only needs to be authenticated once for an entire organization, it is very easy to add and remove teams. However, to ensure that only those with the right permissions can add Luware Nimbus to a team, we have improved the provisioning of services. This allows you to systemize access to protect against security and privacy issues and reduce the chance of manipulated workflows.

Previously, any new service created in Luware Nimbus was automatically added to the highest tenant-level Organization Unit. With the latest update, you can select which Organization Unit you want to add the service to and automatically restrict access to certain features. Furthermore, for every Organization Unit you can define the roles that are allowed to add Luware Nimbus to a new team. You can choose between “No one”, “Tenant Administrators”, “Tenant and Organization Unit Administrators”, or “Everyone”. If you want to remove Luware Nimbus from a team, this has also become easier, and you can now choose whether you only want to remove the tab or the whole application.

Updated Service Provisioning allows you to determine who can add Luware Nimbus to a team

Other Improvements

  • Agents can now initiate outbound service calls in the Assistant.
  • The Attendant Console now supports IM message templates with which you can open a separate Teams chat window. During a call, a predefined message with caller details will be pre-filled into the chat window.

For a full overview of the improvements and a technical explanation of how to implement them, check out the release notes.


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