Support across multiple countries

Let’s assume that your support is spread across different countries. Thus you may have support staff working in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. How do you make sure that during the day (from 8am-6pm) the support in the respective country is available and occupied during that time, a.i. that the responsible employee directly receives redirected calls?

How do you ensure that, for example, on local holidays in one location the support of that location is then directly provided by an other location? In order to meet these complex requirements, we have 2 mechanisms within LUCS:

  • You are already familiar with the problem of forwarding: By using a lower “Responsibility” a location can be relieved resulting in it action only as a catcher of “overflow”.
  • For forwarding on national holidays we use the Distribution via calendar. Here an announcement is placed in the workflow (“Since we have a public holiday, your call will be forwarded to our colleagues in Germany”). Holidays can for example be added directly into the respective support calendar via Outlook, so that there is no additional administrative burden.

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