Overflow – but only at certain times

The pre-Christmas period, Black Friday, Cyber-Monday … it’s getting tight, the number of agents is limited and customers should not wait any longer than necessary. In these cases, controlled by a calendar, why not simply forwarding calls to an external number which acts as an overflow location for your own call center? For this purpose, the standard functionalities of LUCS can be used.

The customer is first put into the waiting loop as normal. You can already clarify in advance how long the expected waiting time should be. If the customer has spent a certain amount of time on hold and could not be transferred to an agent, a second part of the workflow is used: the calendar checks whether the call can be routed to an external service provider. If the service provider is active at this time, the call is forwarded automatically. If the external service provider is not active, the customer is asked in the workflow whether he would like to continue waiting or whether he would like to be called back by an agent.

Hence, the customer decides for himself how long he wants to stays in the hotline.One of the great strengths of Luware can be seen in the further course of the workflow. Dependent on the type of service being called, the forwarding to the external service provider is conducted to different numbers. [SD1] In order not to have to create different workflow instances, the telephone numbers for the respective numbers are stored at the service provider in an SQL database.  [SD1]Ich bin mir hier nicht sicher wie der DE Satz gemeint ist. Bitte Übersetzung prüfen.

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