CRM - Access and Customer Journey

Employees should be able to prepare for the caller – and this not just by means of an announcement about who is calling.

Luware offers the right solution: when a call is delivered, a window opens (“extended toast”), which provides the employee with further information about the customer. Important information such as how many times the caller has called within the last week and how often he tried to reach the hotline on the same day. These can all be indicators to the agent that there may be urgent problems.But also further information can be included in the extended toast. This allows agents to obtain further information on the caller from a database as part of the workflow.

Information such as language, title and professional function of the caller help the agent to address the customer more personally. At the same time, the call can be connected to the CRM system. This is done directly by linking a website to the extended toast. Once the agent answers the call, e.g. the tickets of the caller become visible.

The agent not only has a better overview of the customer’s situation but can also document the course of the conversation directly within the CRM system.Furthermore, Luware offers the so-called “Customer Journey”. This shows the employee in a timeline as to how the customer has contacted the company previously. The agent sees which services the customer has used in recent weeks. It shows the time spent in queues and the length of calls with other agents.

The customer journey can be viewed on a separate website or directly in the agent’s Skype for Business Client.All this information helps the agent to optimally prepare for the customer’s needs at the beginning of the conversation.

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