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Does your company have offices in various regions or countries? Does each branch have a central reception, which is also responsible for the telephone service of the respective location? Do different numbers of employees per branch work in telephone support?

Since your employees are most likely to perform other tasks as well, it is possible that the telephone service occasionally “falls under the table”, especially for smaller locations.

At Luware we offer the right solution. Thanks to our software, employees are assigned corresponding “traits”. The basis for this is a trait (location responsibility), which has only the attribute “active” and distinguishes between the responsibilities “low”, “medium” and “high”.

For the services of the main branch, all “active” employees can now be predefined with a responsibility of “high”. This ensures, that a call does not always end up being directed to one of your experienced or high-performing employees first.

Accordingly, the employees of a branch are assigned a different “responsibility”. If the responsibility of an employee is defined as “medium”, the employees will only be included if no one can take the call in the main branch.

And you probably already suspect it: the “low” responsibility is thus your last resort, should all else fail at the larger main and secondary locations!

The right distribution is provided by the appropriate “Distribution-Policy” at Luware.

When a call is delivered, the employees see which branch the call was meant for. This enables them to respond to the call as “Company a, Branch XY” and serve the customer accordingly.

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