Real-time, visual remote assistance

Provide immediate, on-site support to your customers, without complicated logistics or high transportation costs. With Luware Interact you can help your clients remotely and resolve their insurance issues or claims when and where they occur. Customers can live-stream their car damage, show you their broken washing machine or document hail damage. A quick inspection of the issue let’s you come up with a quick and efficient course of action.

Instant support

Clients can launch video sessions in your web browser when they face a problem. Video-calls instantly bring you on-site to the client so you can quickly resolve their issues

Safe and compliant

Customer data stays inside your Teams tenant. Microsoft’s stringent regulatory compliance frameworks apply.

Context information

Comprehensive context information gives you the insights to optimally resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

No plugin integration

Clients can quickly connect to the remote support through a call button on the website. The advisor gets a normal call in their Teams client. The client can now describe his claim, send an image or live-stream the issue via Video.

All interactions in Teams

The advisor only uses Microsoft Teams as a communication tool. All interactions are safely stored in the advisors Teams client.

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