Low-code ‘power-automated’ integrations for your contact center 

Easily integrate systems and automate your interaction management, including the contact center, with the Luware Nimbus ready-made Power Automate connector. Low-code integrations empower your line of business to independently automate processes and accelerate the time-to-market.

Seamless, simple integrations

Turn Microsoft Teams into a central experience hub. Through simple and seamless integrations and automation, all relevant business tools and information are unified in Microsoft Teams.


Absolutely no coding skills are required – Luware Nimbus comes with a pre-built Power Automate connector. The Power Automate interface visualizes automations and enables simple configurations.

Fast time-to-market

Relieve the workload on IT and accelerate time-to-market by empowering your line of business to automate simple processes and integrate relevant systems themselves.

Easy as one-two-three

Watch this short video to see how simple and fast it is to set-up an integration in Luware Nimbus.

Central hub for low-code integrations and automation

What is Power Automate and how does it work? Read our blog to gain insights into the workings of Power Automate and learn how it democratizes AI and automation, increases project rollouts and speed-to-market.

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Optimize your workflows

Here are just a few examples of how you can use the Luware Nimbus Power Automate Connector.


360° customer view, automatically log calls, create contacts, route to a specific service based on customer and more.


Ticketing tools

Automatically open existing tickets or create new ones inside Teams when the IT helpdesk receives a call.

IT helpdesk

Caller lists

Manage lost calls and make sure that every customer is served. Automatically track lost calls in a SharePoint list, show adaptive cards in Teams, create and assign tasks.

Local address books

Integrate local address books to automatically show caller information to employees. Use this information to trigger actions.

Get started with contact center integrations

The pre-built Power Automate connector is part of the Enterprise Routing and Contact Center module. Choose the solution that fits your use case.

Advanced Routing

Enterprise Routing

Contact Center

Employee tools
Teams for taking calls
Current calls in queue
After call work
Workflow editor
Text to speech announcements
Music on hold
IVR/Auto Attendant
Routing decisions
IVR/Auto Attendant
Opening hours
Service availability
Parameter based
Longest idle/Fair queue
Simultaneous ring/broadcast
Employee presence
Interactive queuing
Call picking
Skill category
Skill level
Distribution Policies
Customer information
Power Automate integration
Website/CRM screen-pop
Power BI
Personal dashboard
Service reporting (real-time)
Task completion codes
Selected at Distribution Profile
After Call Work
Role-based access
Activate/deactivate users
Change workflows
Manage opening hours
Support & licensing
7am-7pm CET
Licensing model
Per service
Per service
Per named user