Personal Video Shopping with Microsoft Teams

Open your digital store: High-value customers can enter your store with one click from the comfort of their home. Take them on an immersive and personalized experience by giving them a tour through your store with real-time video and showing them products they are interested in. Luware Interact helps you to convert more sales and to grow customer loyalty through a personalized online shopping experience.


Create an engaging digital shopping experience and help customers find what they are looking for from the comfort of their home.


Customer data stays inside your Teams tenant. Microsoft’s stringent regulatory compliance frameworks apply.


No external software or applications. Employees receive all interactions directly in their Teams client.

How it works

  1. Customers click on an available employee
  2. The employee receives a Microsoft Teams video call within their Teams client.
  3. Customers can choose if they want to activate their camera.
  4. The employee can now navigate the customer through your store.
  5. Chat and screenshare can be used by both, for example so that the customer can share a photo of the type of product they are looking for.
  6. Convert sales and grow customer loyalty with a seamless online shopping experience.

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