Luware Nimbus:
Microsoft Teams’ sidekick for customer service

Microsoft Teams has a lot of superpowers and truly masters collaboration. What about customer service? Don’t despair! Microsoft Teams’ sidekick Luware Nimbus brings comprehensive features which integrate customer communication seamlessly into Teams. Nimbus is a cloud-native, modular suite which uses the Microsoft Graph API and is running and built on Azure. Together, Microsoft Teams and Luware Nimbus can save customer service!

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Sneak peek into Nimbus

Let’s get real and see what Nimbus can do.
Watch this short demo and get a sneak peek into Nimbus’ superpowers.


Nimbus superpowers

Nimbus is our completely new, modular customer service suite. After a one-time simple installation and approval of the app for the entire organization, companies can combine the solutions as they wish. They can start small and add more solutions at any point. We offer different solutions (feature bundles) for various customer service use cases:

Advanced Routing
  • Presence for call distribution
  • Custom call flows
  • KPI reporting with Power BI
  • Power Automate to get caller details
  • TTS Service from Azure
Enterprise Routing
  • All Advanced Routing features
  • CRM pop-ups
  • Interactive queues for call flows
  • Task completion codes
  • Pick up calls from queue
Contact Center
  • Skill-based routing
  • Complex call flows
  • Real-time reporting
  • Full CRM integration
  • Integration into Power Automate
Attendant Console
  • One-click call transfer
  • Contact search
  • Calendar lookup
  • Dashboard
  • Opening hours
One platform

Teams and Nimbus together break down silos – standalone applications and departmental thinking. As Nimbus is part of the Microsoft ecosystem, the existing investment into Teams can be maximized and user management is very simple, allowing every employee to work for customer service.

Fast & flexible

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model reduces IT infrastructure and makes deployment extremely fast. Easy user administration and flexible workflows allow to adapt to everchanging needs. Continuous, short release cycles drive technology adoption and innovation.

The power of integration

Nimbus is seamlessly integrated – employees use Teams as the only application and can work from anywhere. Nimbus integrates with other Microsoft applications, such as Power BI and Power Automate. And thanks to open APIs, Nimbus also connects to any third-party application.

Features we love

Explaining all of Nimbus’ superpowers would make this page very long and you would get tired from scrolling. Therefore, we have picked our favorite features to show you.

Creating a new Team

  • Create a new Team in Microsoft Teams or use an existing one
  • Members and owners can be agents (taking calls)
  • Owners have access to reporting and to make changes
  • Rapid speed to market

Changing your workflow

  • Graphical Workflow Editor right inside the Teams client
  • Owners can easily edit announcements or create dynamic routing rules
  • Native integration with Azure gives you access to amazing TTS announcements in many languages
  • Changes are instantly applied to new calls

Taking calls

  • Serve your customers with no additional software
  • Quick and easy training for users
  • Single pane of glass with the My Session dashboard

Personal reporting

  • Empower your Customer Service people with a full view of their own performance
  • See a unified queue for all services in one place
  • Instantly opt in and out of different service lines

Reporting dashboards

  • Real time Reporting
  • See your entire queue live
  • Historical Trends
  • Agent Performance

Luware Innovators

It’s important to us that Luware Nimbus evolves alongside your company’s needs and challenges so that its superpowers can save customer services far into the future. That’s why we have the Luware Innovators: These selected Luware customers are early adopters who are already using the Nimbus add-ons today and give feedback and influence the further development of Nimbus’ superpowers.

“It is great to have a product which integrates fully into our Microsoft 365 strategy and therefore uses the features in Azure natively and does not only run on it. It is always a pleasure to work directly with a specialized vendor who speaks the same language and cares as much about great customer service as we do.”

Magnus Hafner, LucaNet

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