IT helpdesk with Teams:
consolidated, integrated, automated.

Boost user experience and efficiency at your IT helpdesk. With Luware Enterprise Routing, we bring Teams’ capabilities of voice, video and screenshare, your favorite ticket tool and our call queueing and reporting solution together. Use Teams as your only client – for both employees and IT specialists – and manage all your tickets in one place.

One tool for everyone

Everyone is using Teams as their only client – the employees who call, and those who are answering the phone. The IT helpdesk can be called directly in Teams or from the mobile by using a PSTN number.

Automate with no-code

The ticketing tool can be connected to Luware Nimbus using Power Automate without a single line of code. Show caller information and open or create a ticket automatically when a call is picked up.

Utilize all modalities

Let technology do user authentication and make remote troubleshooting an easy one: Utilizing Teams automatically authenticates Teams callers and integrates video calls and screensharing in one place.

All calls in one place

Employees can easily find and call your IT helpdesk using Teams on their desktop or mobile phone. They can also call using an external number, e.g. when they cannot log into Teams, don’t have access to their laptop or have no internet connection. All calls are distributed to an available employee of your IT helpdesk team. The IT specialist will receive these calls just like a normal Teams call with the additional information that it came through on the IT helpdesk.

Automatic authentication

IT specialists must no longer authenticate callers. Since employees use their Teams client to call the IT helpdesk, they are automatically identified and authenticated. This simplifies processes and increases efficiency at your helpdesk.

No-code ticketing integrations

Use the ticket tool you already have, access it directly through Teams, and make it your central tool for all channels – including voice, video and screenshare. Use the Power Automate Connectors to Servicenow, Zendesk, Salesforce, Dynamics, Jira, Freshdesk and Freshservice with many more to come – set up within minutes, no code required. Tickets can be created automatically, linked to the caller and assigned to the IT specialist.

Use voice, video & screenshare

Remote IT assistance has never been this easy. Having all Teams calling and collaboration functionality at your fingertips, employees can easily change from a voice call to video and screenshare. This makes it much easier for IT specialists to identify the problem and help the employee fast and effectively.

Optimize processes and workloads

Analyze your call volumes, peak times, SLAs, and employees’ performance. Use the live and historic in-depth reporting data in Power BI to optimize your processes and optimize workload distribution.

Establish knowledge centers

Unlock the expertise across your entire organization. Set up different teams to group skills regardless of people’s location – to bundle expertise across countries, manage languages or to unite employees working from home. Combine it with an IVR to connect callers with the right employee from the start. Or use it for your IT helpdesk staff to easily find experts in 2nd level support.

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