Digital Bank Advisor with Microsoft Teams

Take your financial advisory online with Luware Interact and provide personal consultations in any place and at any time. Integrate Luware Interact into member portals so that customers can reach their personal advisors whenever and wherever they need them. Establish the trust and connections with clients through video calls and use screenshare to work interactively and collaboratively with them. Luware Interact makes your online consultations highly efficient and extremely personal.

Safe and compliant

No interactions leave your Teams tenant. Microsoft’s stringent regulatory compliance frameworks apply.

Anywhere and anytime

Customers and employees save time and money by partaking in personal and collaborative/interactive consultations from wherever they are.

Connection and trust

Be available for your customers at their convenience and make physical distance irrelevant by using video calls to build personal and trusting relationships.

No plugin integration

To connect to their personal advisor, customers click a call button on the website or member portal. The advisor gets a normal call in their Teams client. All the normal Teams functionality such as changing between voice, video and screenshare is available.

All interactions in Teams

The advisor only uses Microsoft Teams as a communication tool. All interactions are safely stored in the advisors Teams client.

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