Cloud-based Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

The Luware Nimbus Contact Center empowers agents with the right tools to turn every interaction into an experience. It is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams, ensuring that customer service is part of the company-wide communication strategy and that every employee can serve as a touchpoint, irrespective of their location. Deliver customer experiences that exceed customer expectations from any place and at any time with the Luware Nimbus Contact Center.

Holistic enterprise communication

With the Luware Contact Center every employee becomes a customer touchpoint. Break technical and mindset silos and make Microsoft Teams your central platform for all internal and external communications. This makes it easy for agents to refer customers to experts within the organization and managers can easily add more users to the contact center to cover peaks in demand without any special training.

One product – Infinite opportunities

Solve all your interaction use cases with the Luware Contact Center. Start with the simple use cases and add the more complex ones over time. Integrate your entire customer service into Teams – from an IT helpdesk to hotlines and traditional call center agents. Employees use Teams to steer all their tasks and interactions, and managers get a centralized reporting.

Happy employees = Happy customers

Increase the autonomy of your line of business with comprehensive self-service features. The Luware Contact Center fully caters to a hybrid workplace: employees can work from any place, on any device, at any time. Interactions are fully handled in the organization’s Teams tenant and thus use Microsoft’s encryption and security standards. This eliminates jitter and delays and ensures highest communication quality.

Features we love

These powerful tools turn every interaction into an experience.

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Skill-based distribution

Assign incoming calls to the most qualified user for an optimal allocation of staff and an increased first-call resolution.

Identify your organization’s skill categories and assign agents the according skills. If desired, skills can further be broken down into levels allowing a more granular routing. Define a distribution policy that determines how customer interactions are distributed according to skills and levels.

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After call work (ACW)

Provide users with a dedicated time for post-call processing to improve agent time management and ensure documentation and resolution of customer inquiries.

Agent are blocked for a defined time period after every completed customer interaction. After call work (ACW) is recorded in the user session and the total ACW time is reported in the session objectives.

Workflow Editor

The simple and intuitive Workflow Editor enables the line of business to set up and manage the distribution and handling of incoming calls by themself, without the help of IT. Absolutely no coding required. Simply drag, drop, and connect elements to create or adapt your call flow; go live instantly.

Powerful integrations

A Power Automate connector allows for no-code automations and integrations with Microsoft and third-party applications such as a CRM, ticketing system, phone directories or webservices. Furthermore, the integration with Power BI Access allows you to access and automate the entire call and service reporting. You can also combine it with other data sources from your organization to get a holistic reporting for true insights and business intelligence.

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Part of Luware Nimbus

The Luware Nimbus Contact Center is one of several Luware Nimbus modules. Modules and add-ons are tailored to different use cases and can freely be combined to cater to your organization’s individual needs. Luware Nimbus is a comprehensive suite for enterprise interaction management – from call groups to internal help desks and even to the formal contact center. Leverage your investment into Microsoft Teams and transform the platform into a central experience hub for all internal and external communications.

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Detailed feature overview – to be extended soon

Please be aware that this is only the initial version of the Contact Center module. Continuous release cycles will bring more features and updates with time. Expect Luware Nimbus and the Contact Center module to quickly grow in strength and more exciting features to be launched shortly.

Advanced Routing

Enterprise Routing

Contact Center

Employee tools
Teams for taking calls
Current calls in queue
After call work
Workflow editor
Text to speech announcements
Music on hold
IVR/Auto Attendant
Routing decisions
IVR/Auto Attendant
Opening hours
Service availability
Parameter based
Longest idle/Fair queue
Simultaneous ring/broadcast
Employee presence
Interactive queuing
Call picking
Skill category
Skill level
Distribution Policies
Customer information
Power Automate integration
Website/CRM screen-pop
Power BI
Personal dashboard
Service reporting (real-time)
Task completion codes
Selected at Distribution Profile
After Call Work
Role-based access
Activate/deactivate users
Change workflows
Manage opening hours
Support & licensing
7am-7pm CET
Licensing model
Per service
Per service
Per named user