Remote Contact centre

Stratus Agent Cloud-based contact center for Microsoft Teams

Our 100% cloud-based contact center solution leverages the investment into Microsoft Teams and makes customer service part of the company-wide communication strategy. Employees use Microsoft Teams as their single application for internal and customer communications. Custom workflows, skill-based routing and real-time reporting add speed and adaptability to process optimization. Context information, such as customer data, easy access to internal experts and the intuitive user interface empower every employee within the company to serve customers confidently and professionally.

Custom workflows

The routing logic is visualized graphically and allows to set up complex rules into clear and intuitive workflows. Supervisors can manage and change workflows themselves in real-time to adapt to customer service changes.

Real-time analytics

Dashboards, reports and KPIs offer valuable insights in real-time. They enable informed decisions to adapt processes and manage staff members. Supervisors set up company-specific KPIs and build widget-based dashboards for themselves and their staff, empowering them to react fast.

Contact centre reporting teams

Agent’s skills

Skill-based routing leverages every agent’s skills, making sure that the employees can assist customers competently. The agents’ skills, skill levels and responsibilities are managed centrally by the supervisor.

Skill-based routing for contact center optimizes workload of employees

360° customer view

CRM, ERP, ticketing system – you name it, we connect it. Make all relevant customer information available to agents and let the system automatically create tickets or CRM cases. Our Contact Center solution checks customer data and connects the customer instantly with the matching employee. This reduces the complexity of IVR menus and increases the first contact resolution.

Teams Contact centre Feature

Teams presence status

The employees’ presence status in Microsoft Teams is used to route callers to an available employee. If no employee is available callers are automatically redirected to another team, optimizing workload distribution and reducing waiting time for customers.

Teams Contact Centre Workload

Quality management

Different supervisor functionalities such as whispering, listening, barge-in, reviews of recorded interactions as well as customer surveys monitor the customer service quality and customer experience. They support the contact center management to improve service quality, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Teams Contact Centre Features

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Customers using Luware cloud solutions for their customer service.

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Selected Features

Routing & queueing

  • Presence-based call distribution
  • Skill-based routing
  • Priority-based routing
  • Database routing
  • VIP routing
  • Preferred agent
  • Last agent
  • Fair queue
  • Dynamic extensions
  • Longest Idle
  • IVR menu
  • Voicemail
  • Custom workflows

Microsoft Teams user

  • All calls handled inside MS Teams client
  • Opt in/out of service teams
  • Information from external systems, e.g. CRM, ERP
  • Automatic creation of CRM cases or tickets
  • Sharing and distribution of external tasks
  • After call work time


  • Real-time reporting
  • Custom KPIs
  • Widgets-based dashboards
  • Historical Reporting
  • Data export to Excel
  • Templates for Power BI
  • Visualization of customer interactions
  • Integration of compliance recording
  • RONA (Redirection on No Answer)
  • Task codes for call qualification
  • Agent Not Ready reasons


  • After call survey
  • Supervisor listen, whisper, barge-in
  • Integration of quality management
  • Real-time visibility of agents in multiple queues
  • Manual prioritization of services

Self service

  • Opening hours
  • Greetings
  • Forwarding targets
  • Music in queue
  • Emergency announcements
  • Transfer parameters with call (CRM/caller data)
  • Role-based access
  • User management
  • Organization management
  • Agent skills
  • Skill levels
  • Priorities
  • User availability


Show all relevant information for your contact center agents directly in the Microsoft Teams interface. Our solution easily integrates third-party systems thanks to standard REST APIs. CRM, ERP, ticketing systems, workforce management, workflow applications – you name it, we connect it.

Getting started

  • Combine all Stratus products as you wish: Team, Agent, Switchboard
  • Running in the Luware Cloud
  • Annual subscription
  • Flexible license model scales for all company sizes

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