Compliance Recording

Verint Financial Compliance Compliance recording for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams

Legal requirements and regulations oblige companies to record and archive all internal and external communications. With a financial compliance solution, voice, video and chat interactions in Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams are recorded, stored, analyzed and archived. For desktops, tablets, smartphones and adaptable to all company sizes, countries and industries.


Analytics & reporting

Phonetic search, speech transcription, full-text search and capture of chats are the basis for detailed dashboards and reporting.

Scalability & adaptability

Scales to organizations of all sizes and adapts to local requirements of any country and industry. The granular role-based access control makes user management easy and ensures data security.

Advanced compliance

Reconciliation of call detail records, legal hold, incident handling, compliance workflows and announcements ensure adherence to advanced compliance needs such as MIFIDII, HIPAA, Dodd-Frank.

Policy enforcement

Features such as locking conversations, filtering content, disclaimers and presence control simplify the implementation of communication and content policies and ensure the integrity of data.


All communication channels can be captured: chat, audio, video, desktop sharing, application sharing, whiteboard apps and data transfer. With one central tool IT infrastructure and employee training are reduced to a minimum.

Quality control

Structured surveys of customer interactions guide supervisors through the quality assessment. With this extensive quality control and the detailed reports companies can streamline processes to increase customer satisfaction.

One-stop solution

Verint is the market leader in financial compliance recording solutions. Luware and Verint foster a long-standing global partnership. We have seamlessly integrated the Verint Financial Compliance solutions into our contact center and routing software.

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