Call groups and call queues for Microsoft Teams

Call groups (also called hunt groups) and call queues are useful if multiple people are serving the same phone number. This can be a service desk (IT help desk), a team number (e.g. Sales), a local branch (e.g. London office), or the main company number. Luware Routing allows your line of business to manage such call groups themselves, giving them control over call flows, queuing options, opening hours, and announcements. Employees receive calls in their Teams client, no matter if they are in the office, on the go, or working from home.

Work from anywhere

Members of your call group can answer Teams calls from any location or device.

Self service for the business

Team leaders can set up and manage call queues directly within Teams.

No lost customer

Knowing who has called, which calls were answered or returned ensures that all customers are served.

Making the most of call groups with Microsoft Teams

Our Routing solution extends the Teams telephony functionality. Great features allow you to easily manage and set up call groups and queueing in Teams.

Intuitive call handling

Members of the call group handle calls like any other Teams call. They see which service (e.g. HR, London office) the caller has dialed and can take calls accordingly.

Empower employees

A dashboard shows employees the live status of the call queue they are in. They can activate or deactivate themselves to either get focus time or serve a call queue in busy times. They see the current queue including the status of each caller and can even cherry-pick important ones.

Define overflows

Nobody is available? Don’t let the customers wait – define a transfer target or voicemail to ensure minimal waiting times.

Customize announcements

Greet customers with a welcome announcement on your phone lines. You can either upload a file or use Azure Text to Speech. You can also add announcement and menu options while customers are waiting in the queue, e.g. to promote self-service options on the website or offering to leave a voice message.

Live & historic reporting

Analyze your data in detail. Check the live and historic reporting for KPIs, call volumes, user statistics and task heatmap. A deep dive into your data is facilitated in Power BI with our ready-made templates.

Missed caller list

See whether calls were answered, went to voicemail or have been called back. Using Power Automate, you can automatically track all calls in your call group. This gives you clarity and ensures that all customers have been served.

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Our solutions for call groups and call queueing

Our Routing solutions enable you to easily set up and manage call queues. Luware routing comes in two editions:

  • Workflow Editor
  • IVR
  • Live dashboards
  • Opening hours
  • Reporting
  • All Advanced Routing features
  • Pick specific calls from queue
  • Interactive call queues
  • Log call reason codes
  • Power Automate integration