Attendant console

Switchboard Attendant console for manual call distribution in Skype for Business

Your operators and receptionists are often the first touchpoints for customers. Let them efficiently and professionally transfer customers to recipients with an intuitive attendant console. Switchboard is seamlessly integrated into Skype for Business, is independent from any contact center solution and enables employees to take and distribute calls right in a client or web application. One-click call transfers, drag & drop, answering calls from multiple service lines and easy visibility of colleagues’ presence status and calendars make call distribution simple, fast and efficient.

Reduced to the max
  • Neat interface
  • Drag & drop transfers
  • Everything at a glance
More efficiency
  • Minimal call handling time
  • Reduced training need
  • Forwarding calls to teams
Extend your investment
  • Extends S4B functionality
  • Serverless deployment
  • Historic call reporting


Teams Switchboard transfers
Fast transfers

Calls, as well as chats, can be transferred with one click or via drag & drop. If a call cannot be put through it is sent back to the attendant or receptionist. Regular transfer targets can be marked as favorites to make distribution fast and efficient.

Teams Switchboard Availability
Colleagues’ availability

In the contact list, the attendants or receptionists can easily check their colleagues’ Skype presence status and Outlook calendars. They can also send them an email or start a chat before transferring calls or use email and chat templates to request a callback.

Teams switchboard integration
Get the right person

With the consultative call, attendants can get information from colleagues while putting the customer on hold. If required, they can merge the calls to have both the customer and the colleague on the same line. Any person can safely leave the call – the others will stay connected.

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