#5 – How can the management be convinced to move from Skype for Business to Teams?

Skype for Business has always been a powerful tool for internal communication, collaboration, and customer service. So why switch to Teams? In this blog series, Christopher Zier, Account and Partner Manager at Luware, shares his expert knowledge and explains why and how migrating to Teams is purposeful. In this part, he explains how to convince the management by showing them the benefits of the new plattform.

Management wants flexible, attractively priced, and future-proof customer service solutions – in other words, the solution should still be the first choice in a few years’ time. The market is changing rapidly, and companies need a solution that can meet changing business needs. In addition, the investment in Microsoft should be leveraged.

Is it financially worth it to bet on Teams?
  • All things considered; Teams should be cheaper. Operating data centers (including security) is extremely expensive
  • SaaS has a lower initial cost compared to traditional, on-prem solutions
  • No sunk costs – pay as you go thanks to subscription model
  • SaaS enables a lean start and gradual rollout in departments or branches
  Is Teams a promising investment for the future?
  • Teams is currently the market leader and Microsoft invests a lot in the further development – not only of Teams but in the entire Microsoft ecosystem.
  • With Teams, everything is in one place. It’s an integrated communications and collaboration solution 2 even for call queueing, routing and contact center
  • There are more and more third-party providers covering additional use cases
  • Third-party applications integrate with the Microsoft platform (with users and security) – as we at Luware are doing as well
  How can you maximize the investment in the Microsoft ecosystem?
  • The Microsoft Azure platform is powerful – Teams is just one part of that platform
  • Cloud-native solutions (e.g. Luware Nimbus) are part of Azure and can fully leverage authentic text-to-speech, artificial intelligence, and out-of-the-box integrations with Power Automate
  • Power Automate has huge potential – it enables no-code CRM or ticketing integration into the customer service tool within minutes
  • The Microsoft ecosystem enables countless use cases for digitization and automation – and Microsoft is growing continuously