Why Security Shouldn’t Stop You From Leveraging a Cloud-based Contact Center

Cloud-based contact center technologies offer a wide range of benefits, including scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. When integrated with unified communications platforms like Microsoft Teams, they can also improve collaboration and streamline workflows. Despite these benefits, many organizations hesitate to adopt them due to security and compliance concerns. This reluctance can prevent organizations from effectively managing customer expectations and staying competitive.

Access Expert Knowledge By Partnering With a Certified Provider

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving, and keeping systems secure can be a challenging task. In the contact center industry, keeping customer data safe is critical. Especially if you record calls for training purposes. That’s why you should partner with a certified contact center provider like Luware, who can provide you with the expertise and resources you need to ensure that your customers’ data remains secure in the cloud.

To become certified, contact center vendors must undergo regular audits to ensure their systems and processes meet industry best practices. Luware is ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified and is in the process of completing the SOC 2 certification. This means that when you use a Luware product, you can be assured that it meets regulatory requirements, that robust security management systems are in place, and that strict controls are in place to manage customer data in the cloud. As a member of the Cloud Security Alliance’s (CSA) Level 1 Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR), Luware also publicly discloses its security and compliance posture.

Benefit from Economies of Scale

By outsourcing your data storage to the larger data centers of a major provider like Microsoft, you can take advantage of vast resources and cutting-edge technologies that would otherwise be too expensive to implement on your own. Because Microsoft also has geographically dispersed data centers, you can easily meet your country’s regulatory requirements. It also makes it easier to scale your storage needs and gives you more flexibility to grow your business.

A Microsoft-certified Extended Microsoft Teams contact center, such as Luware Nimbus, fully leverages the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud. Luware Nimbus is fully integrated with the platform through the Cloud Communications API in the Microsoft Graph. The solution only triggers actions in Teams, but the entire media stream stays within the customer’s Teams environment, meaning you benefit from the same enterprise security as the rest of the Office 365 environment.

Ensure Safety Through Regular Auditing

While the media stream remains within Microsoft Teams, customer configuration and reporting data (including voice messages) is stored and maintained in the shared Luware Nimbus cloud infrastructure. Rigorous security standards are in place to ensure that this information remains private to you.

Luware Nimbus has extremely robust authentication measures in place to ensure that only accredited users can access information. It leverages Microsoft’s global identity management platform Azure Active Directory and industry-standard authentication flows. InfoGuard, the leading independent Swiss cyber security specialist, praises the fact that “no attempts to bypass the authorization mechanisms were successful”. In addition, all data transmitted between Luware Nimbus and the end user over public networks is encrypted according to industry standards and all system APIs are additionally secured with a token-based authentication system.

To ensure that customers can’t access each other’s information in a multi-tenant environment, regular pen tests are conducted to verify that security barriers cannot be breached. As Philipp Beck, CEO of Luware, notes, “We have a strong stance when it comes to securing customer data in a multi-tenant environment, which has also been confirmed by InfoGuard’s security specialists, who have confirmed that our code is rock solid”.

Leverage the Benefits of Digitalization

There are pros and cons to moving your contact center and data storage to the cloud that need to be weighed carefully. But the cloud is the future, and you shouldn’t let security concerns derail your digitization strategy. Instead, it’s important to work with a certified cloud provider to maximize security and take full advantage of easier manageability, increased security, and modern, scalable costs. By doing so, you can drive your business forward and stay ahead of the competition.

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