SAP Gains Efficiency and Reduces On-premise Infrastructure With LUCS

SAP added Luware’s LUCS contact center built on Skype for Business to gain efficiencies from their company-wide migration to Skype for Business, reduce their on-premises infrastructure demands and free up their IT staff to be more strategic.

SAP building

By outsourcing infrastructure upkeep and application maintenance to a hosted partner environment, the IT team responsible for contact center support has regained 20% of their daily work time and redefined their role with their internal customers. Today, instead of following the business, the IT team provides strategic, innovation-enabling support. Employees and agents alike appreciate the omnichannel support through Skype for Business, which allows them to move from IM or voice to desktop sharing quickly to resolve issues in real time.

“All the employees really appreciate that voice, chat, desktop sharing are all supported with one client. With just one click, the agent can take control to address the problem. Agents and employees appreciate that it’s all possible and it’s seamlessly done with one solution,” explains Robert Coomans, Service Manager for Contact Center Technology at SAP.

SAP is one of the world’s largest business software company specializing in enterprise application software. Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, the company employs 85,000 people in 130 countries and serves more than 350,000 customers across 180 countries worldwide.

SAP develops technologies that help companies revolutionize everything from cancer treatments to flood prevention. Their goal is to enable teams to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. In order to achieve their mission to ‘Run Simple,’ SAP relies on their technological and business know-how to make the world a better place.

SAP operates more than 15 global call centers across the world that support internal and external customer requests at a ratio of approximately 40/60 (internal/external). Call center services include the IT Helpdesk, Financial Service Center and HR call line for employees, as well as Sales, Marketing and Customer Service call centers for external customers. These centers range in size from 5 agents to more than 800 agents. The majority of agents have dual roles that require them to split their time between handling calls and performing other office work. Call centers sit in different geographies and report to independent teams which all have unique requirements.

We don’t spend our resources maintaining the solution anymore. Now, we spend more time working closely with the business to give them what they really need to work smarter. Instead of following behind business requests, we’re able to get the latest Luware features up and running to help businesses improve their processes.

SAP moves to Microsoft Skype for Business for telephony

SAP migrated the company’s telephony solution from locally managed office-based landlines to centrally-managed Microsoft Skype for Business that is hosted and maintained offsite by DXC Technologies. All SAP employees now have the Skype for Business client installed on their desktops and available at their fingertips.

IT team effectively doubles their bandwidth and saves costs

Robert Coomans, the Service Manager for Contact Center Technology at SAP, oversees a team wholly dedicated to keeping all SAP’s call centers up and running. Previously, they only ran SAP contact center software in their own on-premises datacenters.

In the wake of the company-wide move to Skype for Business, Coomans saw an opportunity to reclaim his team’s time and resources as well as an opportunity to streamline the call agents’ jobs. By adding the LUCS contact center solution built on Skype for Business, he was able to outsource infrastructure and app maintenance to their existing telephony partner and enable efficiencies in the daily workflow for call agents by consolidating their dual roles within the Skype for Business client interface.“

Our team used to spend 20% of each day working on infrastructure and app updates. Moving to LUCS contact center solution freed us up to act more strategically,” said Coomans.

LUCS by Luware integrates natively into Skype for Business to enable channel-independent routing of any customer request. Chat, voice, video, email and even faxes can be handled without leaving the client. Christian Bertsch, Luware’s Head of Professional Services and Implementation leader for SAP, oversaw the SAP implementation project starting with the customer service call desk.

Coomans’ team added two new servers per region for the LUCS software and, within a couple of days, Luware completed implementation of the system. When it came to training Coomans said, “It proved to be very easy because all of our employees were already familiar with the Skype for Business client, which is all the agent sees for their daily business using LUCS. Similarly, from the IT perspective, the configurator tool is graphical which makes it very intuitive to use and understand.”

IT team drives innovation and business efficiencies

Moving to a fully managed solution hosted by a trusted partner freed Coomans’ team from the daily grind of infrastructure and app upkeep. The team recovered 20% of their daily work time to focus implementing innovative solutions and working alongside the business.

“We underestimated the demand for chat… People really love it. When we went live with the solution we saw a rapid growth in chat with internal helpdesk. Currently our help desk is running over 500 chats a day,” explains Robert Coomans.

New IM capabilities reduce use barriers for IT helpdesk

The internal IT helpdesk has seen a huge ramp-up in IM chats since it added LUCS contact center on Skype for Business. While only internal users can access IM functionality today, they have been eager to try the new capability and have proven it to be a vital channel for the international company.

Coomans believes the chat functionality is more convenient for employees than using the phone and also alleviates language barrier issues, “People tend to like the idea of directly chatting to an agent, in part, because they may not speak English fluently enough to comfortably carry on a conversation over the phone.”

Furthermore, Luware works on a bot integration that people can write in their own mother tongue. This solution supports communication over chat and beyond.

Omni-Channel support enables seamless experience for users

The LUCS contact center built on Skype for Business enables a single channel for providing fluent support. From IM to voice to desktop sharing, LUCS enables agents to transition seamlessly within their client interface to solve their customer’s problem in real time.

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