Our Portfolio

Luware is a leading provider of customized service platforms based on Microsoft Unified Communications (UC) technologies. The portfolio includes solutions for contact centers, team-ACD or single-user workstations.

LUCS (Lean Unified Customer Services) was developed with the vision to offer companies and organizations a contact center solution from a single source and fully integrate Skype for Business. Its modular design and configuration capabilities ensure that new organizational, operational and process specific demands can be met.

TeamManager is a universal routing solution that overcomes the limitations of Skype for Business integrated Response Groups. With TeamManager, service requests can be automatically distributed to appropriate departments, teams, or services and delivered to each member of the team using the availability status of Skype for Business.

Stratus Team improves your business' availability with Microsoft Teams, optimizes service center processes and increases the productivity of team members. In addition, it ensures that no customer calls are lost and the processing costs of customer requests are reduced. This improves customer satisfaction.

PresenceAssistant extends the Skype for Business presence status functionality and provides the much-requested “BusyOnBusy” and “manager/assistant” features. PresenceAssistant makes it easy for employees to forward calls based on all five presence states. The routing of incoming calls is simplified and the accessibility of the individual employees increased. With automatic forwarding, no calls are lost and manual intervention is no longer required.

RTC Launcher brings chat, voice and video as well as desktop sharing functionalities to the website, enabling easy and fast communication between employees and customers, suppliers or partners. The communication channels connect directly to the internally deployed Skype for Business infrastructure, integrating customer service on the company's website. Customers do not need to dial a phone number and or install software in order to communicate with the company. On the website, customers can decide how to contact the company (chat, audio or video) and are then directed to the desired service.

SwitchBoard is a stand-alone application and does not require integration into an existing contact center environment. Whether it's used for regular forwarding operations or only for internal redirection, SwitchBoard provides ideal support and simplifies the operation of Skype for Business Client.

The Verint Verba Compliance Suite helps optimize communication recording, analysis and control. It offers comprehensive features for recording conversations. Proactive policies for storing, analyzing, and archiving internal and external communications can be created.