Increase Customer Experience With Personalized Announcements

The latest update to Luware Nimbus introduces on-the-fly text-to-speech generation and transforms how announcements are delivered in workflows. Previously announcements were fixed for every workflow. Now, you can personalize every announcement by leveraging custom parameters.

Imagine a scenario where a customer contacts your company. With the new update, you can now dynamically pull information such as their queue position from the workflow and seamlessly integrate it into an announcement. So, when a customer calls, you can now provide a more personalized experience and say, “Thank you for calling. You are in queue position 6. We will be with you shortly.”

Because Luware Nimbus is fully integrated with the Microsoft Azure cloud, we can leverage Microsoft’s state-of-the-art text-to-speech functionality for this feature. However, please note that Microsoft licenses text-to-speech on a per-character basis. To keep Luware Nimbus competitively priced, we have therefore implemented a fair use policy that includes a character limit and ensures that you can benefit from this advanced technology without increased licensing costs.


Announcements can be personalized with on-the-fly-text-to-speech generation.


New Dashboard Widgets

The latest updates also introduce new non-personal and personal dashboard widgets. A new User Status chart displays the user status of agents as a pie chart. This gives contact center managers insight into agent availability and helps to optimize staffing.

There is also a new embedded website widget that can integrate any website into the dashboard. This allows you to monitor any information that is important to your business. For example, if you’re in the insurance industry, you can integrate your local weather forecast to see when severe weather is predicted that anticipate a higher call volume.

The User Status chart displays the user status of agents as a pie chart.

Other Updates

We have also introduced a performance enhancement to the Power BI template. This enhancement includes the addition of monthly query parameters and the inclusion of parallel loading so that larger data sets can be handled more efficiently.

For a full overview of all updates and a more technical explanation, please click here to consult our release notes.

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