Supporting deployment and adoption of Microsoft Teams

Do you want to make Office 365 with Microsoft Teams great for customer service? Luware adds the missing pieces to extend the platform to easily manage customer inquiries and shape customer experiences. The fully integrated apps can be downloaded directly from Microsoft AppSource, making onboarding straightforward for customers. Our flexible and scalable SaaS customer service solution extents the functionality of Microsoft Teams and adds additional customer value.

MS Teams in customer service

Luware provides solutions to make Microsoft Teams great for customer service. With the additional features, it’s easy for customers to migrate to Microsoft Teams and manage customer interactions, enhancing internal communication.

Support MS Teams adoption

Crucial features, full integration into MS Teams, fast onboarding, quick setup. The advantages of the Luware solutions help companies move their customer service infrastructure to the cloud and support the deployment and adoption of Office365 with MS Teams.

Running on MS Azure

Nimbus Team and Nimbus Agent are optimized for Microsoft Azure. With these routing and contact center solutions, customers further invest in MS Teams and gain added value from the communication and collaboration platform.

Luware apps for Microsoft Teams

Productive at our customers

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Tools ready for your use

Take it with you! We have prepared ready-to-use tools to support you in your daily work. Sign in to your One Commercial Partner (OCP) GTM Catalog and search for ‘Luware’.

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About Luware

Led by our customers’ needs, managed by our founders: We are over 80 Luwarians in Switzerland, the UK, Germany, the USA and Belarus with a passion for modern technology and excellent customer service. In close partnership with Microsoft, we expand their communication platforms to connect employees and customers across all channels. With almost 10 years of experience in software development and customer service, we support our clients worldwide to actively shape their customer experiences

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