Outbound service calls – for follow-ups and proactive customer service

Customer service is your gateway to customer loyalty. Use proactive service to stand out from the competition and turn customers into loyal fans.

Outbound call centers tend to have a bad reputation as most people have had negative experiences with organizations that cold-called them in an attempt to sell them something. However, outbound calling can also create positive experiences that benefit and stick with customers.

The latest update in Luware Nimbus brings the outbound service call to our customer service suite. Now users can call customers from their assigned service lines, such as Insurance Sales, Branch office Zurich or Return Hotline, instead of from their direct phone number. If a user has been assigned to multiple services, they can choose which line they want to call from. The customers will see the phone number associated with this service.

The outbound service call enables your agents and employees to reach out for follow-ups, return missed calls and provide proactive customer service. Especially the latter is an underrated opportunity to shine as a company and earn the loyalty of customers.

Follow-up on a customer case

While both organizations and customers strive for first contact resolution, realistically that is not always possible. Sometimes, follow-ups or clarifications take a bit of time. Don’t annoy customers by making them hold the line. Let your agents or back-office staff do the admin work and reach out to the customer when they have everything sorted.

Return missed calls

It happens. Sometimes calls are missed. This can be because nobody was available, the customer called outside of opening hours, or because the customer hung up in the queue. Returning the call when a team member becomes available can win you customers and help you gain their trust.

Be proactive

Things don’t always go as planned. Whether it’s a product that doesn’t hold up to quality standards, canceled bookings, or delayed deliveries. And although customers will be frustrated and disappointed when you don’t live up to their high expectations, proactively informing them of changes can make them feel valued and appreciated. The next time, instead of just sending an email, call the customer personally and see it pay off in terms of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Outbound service calls in Luware Nimbus

The outbound service call is available in the Luware Nimbus modules Enterprise Routing and Contact Center. Technical documentation can be found in the Release Notes and you can discover more about functionality in the Luware Nimbus feature overview.

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