Launch of Luware Routing – Call queueing, IVRs & reporting for Microsoft Teams

Luware Routing adds call queueing, auto attendants/IVRs, reporting and even CRM integration to Microsoft Teams, making it a powerful tool in customer interactions. It is part of Luware Nimbus – our cloud-native customer service suite, built on Azure and modern cloud technology. Whether for help desks, call groups, or even small contact centers – Luware Routing empowers the business to independently set up and manage call distribution and delivers in-depth reporting.

Easy, visual call distribution 

Luware Routing distributes calls coming to a service number (e.g. help desks, team numbers, call groups) to an available person within this group. The employees receive the calls directly inside Microsoft Teams, just as they would any other call. To make the distribution of the calls easy and intuitive, Luware Routing has a powerful workflow editor which visualizes the call distribution. Therewith, call queueing as well as IVRs (Interactive Voice Response, also called Auto Attendants) are easily set up and managed by the business, without the help of IT. The inbuilt opening hours allow to quickly change the availability of the service numbers and the comprehensive reporting in Power BI shows detailed analysis about call volumes, lost calls, call times, duration, calls per employee and much more.

For any size and many use cases 

As a versatile solution, Luware Routing can facilitate and professionalize customer interactions at many touchpoints – and for any size of organization: from small companies to enterprises.

  • Team numbers and call groups, e.g. Finance, Sales, HR
  • Internal service desks, e.g. IT helpdesk
  • Office main numbers, e.g. Headquarters, local office
  • Small contact centers, e.g. hotlines, warranty & return, payment

Part of the customer service suite ‘Nimbus’ 

Luware Routing is part of Luware Nimbus – our comprehensive customer service suite. Nimbus is modular, offering solutions (feature bundles) for various customer service use cases which can be combined flexibly. You can start small and add more solutions at any point:

  • Routing: call queueing, IVRs/Auto Attendants, reporting, basic CRM integration (available now)
  • Contact Center: skill-based and database-routing, full CRM integration (planned for autumn 2021)
  • Attendant Console: fast and easy manual call transfers (coming soon)
  • Recording: financial compliance and quality management recording (available now)

Cloud-native solution for minimal IT infrastructure  

Luware Nimbus was developed from scratch, using the new Microsoft Graph API and cloud technologies that scale. The cloud-native application uses microservices on Azure and natively integrates into the Microsoft ecosystem. “It is great to have a product which integrates fully into our Microsoft 365 strategy and therefore uses the features in Azure natively and does not just run on it. It is always a pleasure to work directly with a specialized vendor who speaks the same language and cares as much about great customer service as we do,” states Magnus Hafner from LucaNet, one of the first customers to use Luware Nimbus.

“It is great to have a product which integrates fully into our Microsoft 365 strategy.”
Magnus Hafner, LucaNet

Out-of-the-box integrations 

Luware Routing allows you to fully leverage the Microsoft ecosystem and maximize your investment. Alexander Grafetsberger, Product Manager at Luware, explains: “Since Luware Nimbus is not just running on Azure but part of it, it is seamlessly integrated  and can therefore utilize all the out-of-the-box integrations such as Power Automate (formerly Flow), Power BI, Azure Communication Services, authentic text-to-speech and future automations and integrations. Basic integration to your CRM or ticketing tool can be done within minutes, without a single line of code.” Therewith, IT helpdesk scenarios can be set up easily and quickly: Employees take calls and have access to their ticketing tool directly inside Teams; information about the caller and open tickets can be shown and even new tickets can be created automatically.

Standardize and professionalize customers touchpoints 

“Customer service add-ons, such as the ones from Luware, make Microsoft Teams a powerful tool in customer interaction. They empower every employee in the company to serve customers easily and effectively to achieve more,” says Mike Ammerlaan, director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft.

Luware Routing can standardize and professionalize customer interactions and facilitate the infrastructure and application management tremendously. It allows you to start small – with selected teams or use cases – and grow any time, standardizing your call queueing solutions across your organization. As part of the Nimbus suite, you can also cover other use cases, e.g. Attendant Console, Contact Center or Recording, with one single solution.

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