Nimbus Release Highlights | May 27, 2021

The great thing about Luware Nimbus? We can constantly update it without you having to do anything. On May 27, 2021, a new Nimbus update was released. As already mentioned on our web series “The Melting Pot”, this update adds an interaction history as well as an updated list of text-to-speech languages including a search tab to browse through the list of available languages.

My Sessions Dashboard with Interaction History

The Nimbus ‘My Sessions’ Dashboard has been extended with a detailed interaction history which gives the user a quick and easy overview over their current and past user sessions. Users can see ‘accepted’ and ’missed’ calls. The most recent interaction updates can be found at the top, but users can also filter via a search bar. There is also a possibility to add codes or descriptive tags on sessions. This helps users keep a clear overview and makes sure they never fail to call a customer back.

Language update

Nimbus now features an updated list of text-to-speech languages, which is retrieved from Microsoft once a day. Microsoft’s neural text-to-speech is nearly indistinguishable from human recordings. Consequently, this wide array of languages opens a door of opportunities. Answer to your customers in their native language, even if your employees don’t speak that language. This personalizes interactions and makes calls more human and interactive, thereby strengthening your brand image.

We have also made it easier to find the right language and voice by introducing a search field in our Workflow Editor.

You can always find the latest Release Notes on our Knowledge Base.

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