Next Level Cloud Voice with Microsoft Teams

Teams is powerful in collaboration; however, it has its limitations when it comes to traditional telephony – unless you pair it with a powerful third-party tool. UC Today interviewed Philipp Beck, CEO at Luware, on how to bring Microsoft Teams Cloud Voice to the next level and on how companies benefit from tightly integrated solutions.
Watch the video or read our summary below:

Is Microsoft Teams not powerful enough already? What does it mean to take Teams Cloud Voice to the next level? (video at 1.27) 
  • Teams is very powerful, especially in collaboration
  • Teams has limitations in traditional telephony, e.g. customer service, attendant consoles, help desks, contact center or compliance recording
  • It’s important not to create silos for telephony use cases by adding standalone applications for telephony
  • The gaps in Teams can be filled to cover traditional telephony use cases to replace the PBX
  • Extending Teams with our service solutions is what brings Teams Cloud Voice to the next level
How important is it to integrate Cloud Voice into the wider Microsoft ecosystem? (video at 7.05) 
  • Companies that have a Microsoft strategy can benefit greatly from integrating customer service use cases into Teams
  • Native integration allows the utilization of Microsoft tools such as Power Automate or Azure Cognitive Services
  • With Power Automate, CRM and ticketing integrations can be done easily and no-code
  • Text-to-Speech from Azure is very powerful
  • Business owners are empowered to make changes themselves and benefit from speed-to-market
  Why is self-service gaining importance? (video at 9.38) 
  • The world is changing faster than ever
  • Requiring the IT to make changes, e.g. changing call flows or IVRs, causes long delays
  • It’s important that the business departments can make changes themselves to remain agile
  • Being agile allows to adapt to deliver great customer service
 How does Luware package this up for its customers? (video at 12.26) 
Philipp Beck Luware CEO

Behind the scenes – Philipp Beck explains how to take Teams Cloud Voice to the next level.