TeamManager 3.3

In the release 3.3 for TeamManager, we have added the ‘call as’ feature and invested in additional security. Administrators can now adjust the permissions on a very detailed basis using the tenant layer and the API for role-based access.

Call as

Administrators can allow selected teams to be used as call source. This allows team members to make calls from a team or service number, as opposed to their own direct line. If customers call back to the number they will reach the service team and will be routed to an available employee.

Make calls from a team or service number

Tenant Layer 

For installations without Active Directory Team Provisioning, there is now a tenant layer. With the tenant layer, system administrators can set up completely independent configurations of TeamManager with their own permissions, user groups and settings. Administrators can only configure their own tenant. Users from one tenant cannot see any information or users from another tenant. This ensures data privacy, e.g. in large companies with independent subsidiaries.

Tenant administrators can set up completely independent installations of TeamManager

API Key with role-based access

The new API with role-based access now allows API keys to be issued with a much more granular level of permissions set. For instance, tenant admins can issue API keys with read only permissions to an organization meaning the data within is safe from being adapted. This provides a greater security for businesses with various organizations within.

API keys allow a very granular level of permissions set


Read the release notes on the Knowledge Base for more information on these and other features from the 3.3 release.