TeamManager 3.2

The latest release of TeamManager gives more freedom to your team administrators. Opening hours can now be administered directly in the web interface of the Luware TeamManager. Straightforward export and import of workflows as well as streamlined reporting let you further optimize your call queues.

Easily manage opening hours

We have added built-in opening hour calendars. Exchange mailboxes for your opening hours are no longer needed. From now on, you can manage the opening hours of your teams directly in the TeamManager interface.

Built-in opening hours calendars


Import & Export of Workflows

Workflow structures and instances can now be exported and imported. The file validation ensures that no manipulations or corrupt files enter your system. This allows you to quickly share workflows between installations, e.g. to copy & paste workflows from text to production systems or for migration scenarios.

Streamlined Reporting

The improved and streamlined reporting in Excel and Power BI makes it easy to analyze data. We recommend using Power BI as it provides easier access to your data and more visual clarity. New features for reporting include:

  • Templates by year, month, week and day
  • Target SIP for external targets
  • Consultative calls towards internal services are considered and evaluated as one call, resulting in effective customer calls (less deadweight data)
  • Customer path report (Shows a simplified view of the route taken by the customer’s call through the contact center)
  • Comparison by same period of last year (year, month, week and day)
  • Change of “not ready reason”
  • Additional metrics for agent states: LUCS Online, off duty, PC off, login/Logoff time, durations

Streamlined reporting in PowerBI