Silvan Angele, Customer Specific Developer

Silvan Angele, Customer Specific Developer will be happy to tell you something about his everyday life in Zurich.

In the beginning was the word – in our case app. 30 words to describe your role within Luware.
My job in 3 / 4 Words: Jack of all trades.
My job in a little bit more than 30 words.

Customized Development covers the development of customized applications based on existing Luware products as well as new, standalone solutions.
The solutions include visual improvements with CRM integration – My responsibilities include planning, implementation, QA, support and direct communication.

To get a more precise idea about how you are contributing to the success of the company every day… what does a “normal” working day look like?
Before the daily stand-up meeting, I plan and prioritize my day according to current projects.
After the daily stand-up meeting, I´m occupied with the realization of tasks as well unplanned tasks that require my improvisation skills – that’s why my job is on the one hand very diversified and requires certain agility on the other hand.

Talking about facts and figures… An interesting fact about you that your colleagues don´t know.
I´m an open book.
My co-workers know almost everything about me, what there is to know about me – however, everyone knows a different part about me.

Laughter is the best medicine…What makes you laugh?
Nothing – but that makes me giggle:

In the sense of one of Einstein´s famous quotes “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”
What are you curious or passionate about?
My job, video games, new technologies in the media sector, A.I. and Deep Learning.

And…to go on with Einstein who asked himself “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”
What´s the craziest thing you have experienced at Luware?
The direct and flat communication superior – employee, the teamwork and the trust and we have in each other due to the atmosphere at Luware – facts that make the company even after 2 years a crazy experience now and later.