How Kathy serves her Private Banking customers from home

Serving private banking, wealth and institutional customers can be challenging from the home office. Kathy’s example shows how the right tools can support account managers to effectively advise and serve customers remotely. Thanks to the company-wide collaboration and communication solution including calling and recording functionality, Kathy is always reachable to her customers and abides by compliance regulations.

Private Banking account manager in the home office

Kathy is an account manager for Private Banking customers. Usually, she meets her customers at the bank’s premises or visits them at their location to discuss investment strategies. Her work schedule has changed dramatically in the last few weeks, since she is now forced to work from home as have many of her colleagues in Private Banking, Wealth Management or representatives for institutional customers.

Thankfully, Kathy is set up with the necessary hardware at home and has access to customer data. As her company is using Microsoft Teams and some useful third-party add-ons, she can keep her company’s operation going smoothly from any place.

Customers can always reach Kathy

Especially in turbulent times, customers want to adapt their investment strategy and thus being able to reach Kathy is of utmost importance, whether customers call her directly or via the branch office. Since Kathy is often busy in customer calls, managing forwarding rules, seeing her call history and checking her voicemail is vital for her.

Kathy takes and makes calls directly in Microsoft Teams. This brings the advantage that she is always reachable when she is logged on her desktop or smartphone. Thanks to the routing solution, customers calling the branch office are automatically transferred to their personal account manager. Unknown callers are connected with Rachel who is serving the reception from her home office. She uses the attendant console to quickly check Kathy’s calendar and presence status in Microsoft Teams, before forwarding the caller to her. If she is currently in a call or meeting, Rachel notifies her by email or chat.

Traceability to abide compliance requirements

The banking sector has strict requirements and regulations. All of Kathy’s customer interactions must be recorded to allow the bank to retrace customer meetings and trades. With the compliance recording for Microsoft Teams, all of Kathy’s customer communications are recorded – calls, chats, screen sharing and even video calls. This goes for all devices – whether she communicates on her desktop, tablet or mobile phone. All customer interactions are stored centrally and can be categorized, aggregated and analyzed. Since countries and industries have different compliance regulations and requirements, the recording add-on can be configured accordingly, ensuring that Kathy abides by all requirements and so that she can focus on her customers.

Ensuring location-independent customer service

Kathy’s example shows that Microsoft Teams together with the fitting add-ons can guarantee location-independent customer service and support. Luware has equipped many leading Swiss and international financial institutions with routing and recording solutions based on Microsoft technology. We gladly support you as well with our long-lasting experience and field-tested tools to ensure a location-independent customer service.