Joshua Wood, System Engineer

Joshua Wood, System Engineer (UK), opens the doors to life as a Luwarian.

In the beginning was the word – in our case app. 30 words to describe your role within Luware.
I’m a System Engineer working on design, delivery, support and operations of our customers. Our job is to ensure customers get what they want out of the Luware product suite and to deliver that, on time, reliability and right first time.

To get a more precise idea about how you are contributing to the success of the company every day… what does a “normal” working day look like?
Start with a quick morning SCRUM with the UK team. Catch up with progress made yesterday and plan tasks for the coming day. Then depending on customer requests, it could be designs for acceptance or production environments. Changes on acceptance environments. Create documentation for customers. Testing new software in the UK lab. Scripting ways to do work more efficiently.

Talking about facts and figures… An interesting fact about you that your colleagues don´t know.
My old YouTube channel from 2010 has 2083 subscribers and 1,227,389 views.

Laughter is the best medicine…What makes you laugh?
Unexpected jokes as well as the jokes of our colleague Mem.

In the sense of one of Einstein´s famous quotes “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”… What are you curious or passionate about?
Science fiction turning into science fact.

And…to go on with Einstein who asked himself “A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?”…What´s the craziest thing you have experienced at Luware?
The rules the Swiss team use for Uno and just how good they are at it. Baffled.