February Update for Microsoft Teams

Collaboration at the modern workplace gets even easier with the February update for Microsoft Teams. Outlook integration, tags, improved file sharing, enhanced Power BI reporting and app pinning are some of the highlights of the latest update.

Feb Teams update

Outlook integration

The integration between Outlook and Teams makes it easier to communicate in one centralized application. You can now move emails over to Teams, including attachments, to give yourself a streamlined user experience.


Creating tags allows Teams users to the reduce the number of channels they create and minimizes their notifications. Admin users can group users into one tag which can then be used within channels, meaning only those grouped within the tag will receive a notification.

Improved file sharing with SharePoint

SharePoint has received an update in the file sharing experience, which has been rolled out to all users. The new file tab gives users the ability to sync files directly to their computer, regardless of operating system.

Enhanced Power BI Reporting

The new Power BI report allows users to easily access and digest reports. This tab can now be added to channels and chats, providing a real-time overview of any objectives and changes that have taken place.

App pinning

Users are now able to pin apps on the sidebar of Teams. This gives users easy access to their favorite apps, increase productivity and improve their user experience.

Read the full description of the February Update on the website of the Microsoft Tech Community to get more information for these and other new features.