We are all familiar with the tales of bad customer service: Everlasting waiting times at the hotline, page-long complaint emails, poor traceability of contact information on the website and so on. The result: frustration and disappointment!

The problem of a customer creates the classic lose-lose situation for everyone involved: The customer makes his frustration known to the contact center agent and the company invests a great deal of time and money in order to limit the damage already incurred.

A good customer service is not just a phone number or postal address! It influences the overall business planning, is strategically important and thus a top priority. The service must always be fully aligned with customer requirements.

Unfortunately, corporate departments rarely collaborate on solutions for their customers. Their questions therefore end up in a place for “outsourced” problems: the call center. There, these questions are usually dealt with in an unsatisfactory way and rarely resolved promptly. The whole thing is exacerbated by an overall lack of awareness of the problem, complicated structures and processes or tools that have not grown along with the new needs and requirements.

However, if all specialist departments are integrated equally at the start, you can achieve a much higher level of competence and improve the service significantly. At the same time, in addition to increased customer and employee satisfaction, a new “we-effect” arises.

This is where Luware customer service and communication solutions come in. Our routing solution TeamManager forms service teams from your departments and ensures direct accessibility of all employees via chat, telephony and video. Various distribution algorithms, including IVR, ensure a targeted, automated and fair distribution between the teams. Various forms of reporting are available for the performance analysis and adjustment of your modern service teams.

We see digitization as an opportunity: thanks to improved networking, a far better customer proximity can be achieved. Extend your portfolio with less time-sensitive communication channels, such as Chat, to relieve your customer service representatives. Make your service fit for all customer and age groups – because not everyone likes to pick up the phone these days. Your customers have the freedom of choice and your service teams have more air to breathe.

The LUCS Contact Center of Luware combines, amongst other things, telephony, chat, video, email, fax, social media and mobile app in just one platform and dispenses with trouble-prone and maintenance-consuming “silo-solutions”. In the long run, this will also save your company additional costs for maintenance and service of the system.

No more hidden contact information: your customers decide for themselves how to contact you. The RTC-Launcher integrates the service via telephone, chat or video directly on your company website – and all this without the requirement of any plug-ins or additional software. The availability status (via Skype for Business) of the service team is displayed directly on the website. Your customers decide whether they want to wait or switch to chat. A change from chat to telephony, video or even the use of co-browsing is possible at any time during the ongoing conversation.

Experience RTC Launcher live on our website: www.luware.com

Other features such as speech recognition reduce the length of service calls. This enables the customer to carry out e.g. authentication by voice and ask for the account balance of the bank account directly. One of the other big trends are digital assistants with natural-sounding voices. This progress also influences the contact center industry: chat bots with contextual knowledge are evolving from robotic-sounding chatter machines to self-learning algorithms with natural-sounding language. Customers can chat faster with simple questions (such as “status of my order”, “how can I reset my password”, etc.). The “living” customer service staff are thus relieved and can focus on the more complex issues.

LUCS and TeamManager simplify the way customer service staff works by using all modalities in just one chat application. You only need Luware and Skype for Business and are ready to go.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of CRM or ticketing systems containing customer information is an essential part. Immediately with the receipt of a call a presentation appears with first information and history on the customer. Your employees are well prepared right from the start. The focus is not on the software, but the customer. The customer’s satisfaction also benefits your employees and overall you are providing a service that keeps everyone loyal in the long run.

Many of our reference customers have already successfully completed the step towards modern service provision and the satisfaction of customers and agents has improved massively alongside. Using Luware solutions not only reduced operating costs, but also significantly streamlines internal processes. Let us convince you!