New: Luware Nimbus Contact Center for Microsoft Teams

Luware Nimbus just got a new superpower – a Contact Center module. The new module comes with skill-based routing, after call work, powerful integrations, an intuitive call flow editor, and more. The Luware Nimbus Contact Center fully integrates customer service into Microsoft Teams, brings flexibility to employees, managers, and IT, and facilitates intelligent enterprise interaction management.

New ways of approaching customer service

The Luware Nimbus Contact Center is for organizations that are ready to transform their customer service and take it into the next era of digitalization. When we designed Nimbus, we reimagined the contact center and overtaught all features and elements to create an intuitive and easy-to-use product that covers all customer service use cases, requires little to no training and that connects all employees in one central place.

Key benefits of the Contact Center module are:

  • Uses Microsoft Teams as a client and communication platform
  • Skill-based routing allows call distribution based on agent skills and skill levels
  • After call work (ACW) to allocate time for follow-ups
  • Comprehensive self-service features to empower the line of business with an intuitive workflow editor
  • Power Automate Connector allows simple low-code automation and integrations

One product, many use cases

Luware Nimbus is a comprehensive suite for customer service with modules for various use cases, such as call groups, help desks, and now also for contact centers. Luware Nimbus requires a one-time installation, afterwards, modules can easily be upgraded or added.

Teams as an Experience Hub

Organizations that already use Teams for collaboration can easily fill the functionality gaps with Luware Nimbus and use the platform for a holistic interaction management, including customer service, to create a singular experience hub. Because everything takes place within the Teams platform, which employees are already familiar with, little to no training is needed. The Luware Contact Center ensures that customer service is part of the company-wide communication strategy and that every employee on any device and in any location can serve as a touchpoint.

Flexible solution that adapts to changing needs

The simple SaaS licensing and fast installation of Luware Nimbus and the Contact Center module ensures a rapid speed to market and project rollout. As it uses Teams as the client and communication platform, contact center managers can easily add employees to the customer service when there is an increased demand.

First Extended Contact Center for Teams

Luware Nimbus, and therefore also the Contact Center module, are deeply integrated into Microsoft Teams. It is the first and currently only Extended Contact Center for Microsoft Teams, which means it was designed to optimally perform within the platform and fully utilizes the Teams calling infrastructure and client platform. Users, managers, and IT all use Teams as the primary and only platform for all interaction management, and the media stream stays inside the Teams tenant. Benefits include a single Teams login, native Teams call toasts, the best audio and video quality, and Luware Nimbus as the single product for all customer service scenarios.

Hybrid workplace

The Luware Nimbus Contact Center uses the Teams client for all interaction handling and thereby allows users to work in any place, at any time, from any device with internet access. The gained flexibility for both employees and management paves the way for a hybrid workplace and facilitates staffing. This leads to higher agility in the customer service, happier employees, and ultimately to happier customers.

More to come

We’re only just getting started. This is the initial release of the Luware Nimbus Contact Center module and a continuous release cycle will see new functionalities being added. We will continue to further develop our product and focus on simplicity, useability, and efficiency – to help organizations challenges master their interaction management and empower them to create value at all customer touchpoints.

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