5 Ways the Luware Attendant Console will improve employee & customer experience

First impressions are like cement, hard to change once set. Operators, front desk assistants, and receptionists are the front door to a business and how they greet, and handle customers will significantly affect the ensuing customer experience. As telephony is often the first point of contact, a poor call experience leaves a bad first impression that can be detrimental to a company’s image. Customers whose calls aren’t answered, get dropped in transfer or are wrongly connected will quickly get frustrated and may wander off to the competition. Fortunately, such scenarios can easily be avoided by empowering frontline callers with the right tools.

Telephony is an incredibly important but often neglected aspect of customer experience. It doesn’t sound as sexy as buzzword trends such as ’Artificial Intelligence’ or ’machine learning’, but it is a necessity many businesses still struggle with. And it is a problem for which we have solutions. Moving to Microsoft Teams Cloud Voice and leaving older-generation PBX systems behind can be a simple and cost-effective way to digitize a business.

With the launch of our newest Nimbus product, the Luware Attendant Console, we are adding a crucial part to Teams Cloud Voice and making it possible for companies to migrate their telephony to Teams. It is the first Attendant Console that is truly natively integrated into Microsoft Teams, which means minimal IT infrastructure, reduced complexity, and a flexible set-up. The Attendant Console empowers receptionists and operators with the right tools so they leave a great first impression. Simultaneously, processes are optimized for receptionists and operators, making them happier employees. Below, we have listed 5 ways in which the Luware Attendant Console improves employee and customer experience.

1. Optimized Customer Experience

A happy customer is a loyal customer. Customers have high expectations and expect personalized messages across their customer journey. They want to be listened to and wish to have their problems resolved quickly. The Luware Attendant console improves the quality of every interaction by empowering frontline callers with the right tools.

  • One-click transfers allow users to efficiently redirect customers to the right point of contact. Waiting music plays when callers are in queue, on hold or in transfer, making their waiting time more pleasant.
  • No calls are lost – every call is either answered or transferred to voicemail. Voicemail messages are delivered within the Teams client, allowing users to quickly get back to customers.
  • Waiting times are reduced as users can easily sign in and out of services allowing an efficient distribution of resources.
  • One-click transfers allow users to efficiently redirect customers to the right point of contact. Waiting music plays when callers are in queue, on hold or in transfer, making their waiting time more pleasant.
  • Users see a consolidated call-queue with an ability to cherry-pick specific calls.
  • Minimal latency and high audio quality result in improved communication between attendants and customers.

2. Optimized Employee Experience

Great customer experience starts with great employee experience. Attendants will come across as friendlier and more competent if they are equipped with tools tailored to their needs.

  • The Attendant Console offers a modern and intuitive user interface.
  • Touch screen and dark mode are supported.
  • The Attendant Console is available within the Teams client as well as in a browser version.

3. Personalization through context

The Attendant Console provides users with the necessary context information, which empowers receptionists and attendants to make good decisions. Customers benefit from a personalized experience.

  • Caller information can be displayed by integrating a CRM, ERP, or local address book.
  • Users see a consolidated call queue including the callers waiting time as well as which service they have called (e.g. branch London or main number).
  • Attendants can make notes on contacts that are visible for all users. This allows important information, such as ’Do not call this person before 10 am’ to be passed on.
  • Users see their colleagues’ presence status and calendar, informing them as to when they are available to take a call.

4. Simplified work processes

With a simple and intuitive user interface, the Luware Attendant Console fosters transparency and eliminates irrelevant data. This makes workflows cleaner and more efficient and allows attendants to focus on what is truly important – handling and transferring calls. Users are empowered with an easy-to-use tool and customers receive a smooth call experience.

  • Key real-time statistics such as waiting times and a consolidated call queue are displayed in a simple and intuitive user interface.
  • One-click call transfers allow attendants to redirect customers quickly and efficiently.
  • The Attendant Console predicts the most probable target recipient and users can save up to 15 favorite contacts.

5. Flexible customer service

In an everchanging world, adaptation is imperative. Businesses need to respond to changing markets and customer demands. The Luware Attendant Console’s being natively integrated into Teams and a SaaS model is perfectly equipped to offer this.

  • The SaaS subscription model makes it easy to add users at any time. User management is undertaken directly in Teams using the Active Directory.
  • Only receptionists and operators require a license. All other employees can still receive transferred calls directly within their Teams client.
  • Attendants and operators can quickly log in and out of Services. This can free them up from serving hotlines when they need to concentrate or allows them to help out when a line is particularly busy.

In brief: Empower your employees to deliver an exceptional customer experience

Making a good first impression that gains loyal customers comes down to exceptional user experience. Such services can only be delivered if employees have user-friendly and highly functional tools at their disposal. Do you want to migrate your telephony fully to Teams to empower your front-line workers, receptionists, and attendants? Discover our brand-new, truly native Attendant Console for Teams.

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