Migros Bank Uses Voice Recognition in the Contact Center

Migros Bank is using the automatic voice biometrics solution from the Luware technology partner Spitch to verify the identity of customers calling the bank’s contact center even easier and faster. The Spitch voice biometrics system receives the audio stream from the Luware contact center solution integrated with Skype for Business at Migros Bank. Verification by voice biometrics is voluntary and requires the explicit consent of the customer in full compliance with data protection requirements.

When customers called Migros Bank’s contact center in the past, they first had to answer several questions in order to pass identity checks. Today, the consultation can begin immediately. While the customer introduces himself and explains the reason for the call, the live voice is compared in the background with the voiceprint of the customer that has been registered during the previous calls. This takes only a few seconds. If the verification is successful, the bank employee receives a positive signal on her screen and can immediately start advising customers. The continuous verification process ensures that the customer identity remains confirmed throughout the conversation.

Contact center solution and voice biometrics working hand in hand

The Spitch voice biometrics system receives the audio stream from the Luware contact center solution integrated with Skype for Business at Migros Bank. Luware forks the incoming audio signal to both Spitch in a secured audio stream and to Skype for Business for the agent’s live conversation with the customer. Spitch verifies the customer voice and returns the continuous verification results to the CRM software which displays it on the Agent’s desktop. Luware handles the call dialogue and agent routing.

Leveraging the benefits of an integrated solution

The automatic verification by voice biometrics is now available for calls in French. In a second phase, it will be extended to customer verifications in Swiss German, High German and Italian. If one prefers not to use the advantages of automatic voice biometrics, it is still possible to use security questions for identity verification. “In the future, it would be possible to get additional benefits by adding other components of the Spitch omnichannel conversational platform such as automatic processing of incoming voice and text messages via multiple channels, including messengers and social networks, smart IVR with intent recognition and automatic steering of calls, virtual assistants using conversational AI, etc. This will allow to meet all the needs by using the integrated solution by a single vendor with fine-tuned language models. It allows to avoid potential pitfalls associated with complex integrations and variability of models used,” commented Alexey Popov, CEO of Spitch.

Data location as a driver in the buying process

Before placing the order with Spitch, Migros Bank checked various identification procedures and providers. The decision to choose Spitch solution was made because it ensures that all components are developed in Switzerland and adapted to the needs of Migros Bank, and that the entire solution is installed on-premise at the bank. This makes sure that no customer data leaves Switzerland or Migros Bank. Furthermore, Spitch solutions use the most advanced text-independent phonetics-aware approach to voice biometrics, which makes it very accurate and much more secure and flexible than text-dependent or regular passive voice biometric solutions of many other suppliers. “Spitch has integrated its innovative solution into our systems quickly and seamlessly,” says Rolf Knöpfel, Head of Innovation and Marketing at Migros Bank, “The bank received clear benefits from Spitch’s professional services and support being made available immediately, as well as having a dedicated project manager appointed by Spitch. It was also very helpful”.

High level of security thanks to voice recognition

Voice recognition offers a very high level of security. The voice profile is unique to each person and is thus more secure than text-dependent ‘voice passwords’ and old-style identification by security questions. In addition, the individual human voice is much more difficult to copy than other biometric identification options such as fingerprints or face recognition. The voice profile cannot be ‘stolen’ or misused because it can only be read and used by the Spitch solution installed and by the models specifically configured for Migros Bank.

This customer reference case was originally published on the Spitch website.

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