The Melting Pot #2: Up and running with Luware Nimbus

Welcome back to “The Melting Pot” and welcome to our Zurich Studio, from which we are welcoming you today. James, VP Customer Success, made the long way over from London to join our Swiss Customer Success Specialist, Sylvia, in our Zurich office in the hope of finding some real cheese. In this second episode, they give you insights into the Nimbus onboarding process.

What does a customer success specialist do day to day?

We have customer success specialists in the UK, Germany, and here in Switzerland. Our job is to onboard customers onto Luware Nimbus.

Tell us more about the onboarding journey.

After you place an order, you are assigned a customer success specialist that serves as your single point of contact until the go-live. The journey starts with an onboarding session.

What is required from the customer in this process?

To get the ball rolling, you have to book an appointment for an onboarding session. To have an efficient onboarding, it is important that you have Azure AD global admin permissions so that we can install Nimbus.
It is also a good idea to prepare the necessary Microsoft Teams “Teams” (i.e. relevant call groups). It also helps if you have some unused phone numbers that can be used for testing purposes. We support direct routing and calling plans, so the number can come from any source.

What happens during such an onboarding session?

Nimbus is installed on the customer’s tenant. A PowerShell script is required for this process, so a little tip – take someone along to the onboarding session with a basic PowerShell understanding.

Can I upgrade to a different module during the onboarding process?

The onboarding process is the best time to upgrade a module as during this period we are in constant exchange with the customer, and we can check the needs and configurations easily. If a customer upgrades before the go-live, we can also set up all the workflows to make use of all the new features.

How long does an onboarding session last?

Usually around one hour. The fastest I have experienced was 20 minutes, but it’s not a competition and everyone gets the time they need.

Do you provide any training during the onboarding journey?

Yes, we train the trainer to set up and manage Luware Nimbus.
We also offer some end-user training, but this comes at an extra cost.

What happens when customers go-live?

The responsible customer service specialist will block his complete day to be available for support, should it be needed. We also set up a Q&A session two to three days later, as from experience it takes a few days for questions to come up.

What is your favorite part of working with customers?

That every customer is different and that there are always new insights.

In Summary:

  • During the onboarding process you are assigned to a customer service specialist that serves as your single point of contact
  • To prepare for the onboarding process you should bring someone with a basic understanding of PowerShell and have access to the Azure AD global admin rights
  • Ideally, you have access to a spare telephone number and already have the Teams set up in Microsoft Teams for which you want to install Nimbus
  • The onboarding process takes around one hour
  • A training the trainer is included. End-user training can be requested at an extra cost.
  • A Q&A session will be set up two to three days after the go-live.