Luware launches the first Attendant Console natively integrated into Microsoft Teams

The Attendant Console is the newest addition to Luware’s modular customer service suite for Microsoft Teams.

Zurich, Switzerland: Luware launches the first Attendant Console natively integrated into Microsoft Teams. The Attendant Console is the latest addition to Luware Nimbus – a cloud-native, modular customer service suite for Microsoft Teams.

Luware Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the go-to, state-of-the-art collaboration platform. However, telephony with Teams is limited as many companies still rely on old telephony systems. Because Teams lacks the functionality for certain telephony use-cases, Luware designed the Attendant Console. This natively integrated call management solution is specifically designed for receptionists and operators. It empowers front-line callers with the right tools to efficiently and professionally handle and transfer calls.
Key features include:

  • A modern and intuitive dashboard provides key real-time statistics. Users see a consolidated call queue, waiting times as well as which service line was called.
  • Cherrypick calls by importance rather than waiting time.
  • One-click call transfer and an easy contact search. The Attendant Console predicts the most likely transfer target and users can save up to 15 favorite contacts.
  • Calendar lookup and colleagues’ presence status show employee availability.
  • Contact databases can be integrated from CRM tools or Excel and CSV files. Users can make notes of contacts that are seen by all Attendant Console users.

Aside from the features, what impresses about the Luware Attendant Console is the truly native integration. Calls are entirely handled within Microsoft Teams and never leave the Teams client or region. Users benefit from minimal latency and high audio quality, which improves the quality of every interaction. “The Luware Attendant Console is natively integrated using first-party Microsoft APIs, and thus fully supports companies’ Microsoft strategy,” says CEO, Philipp Beck.

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