Luware and Surfly's enter into a partnership

Luware AG, the Zurich-based software company specializing in add-ons for Microsoft Skype for Business, has entered into a worldwide partnership with the Dutch co-browsing manufacturer Surfly.

Surfly Luware case

With this partnership, Luware’s products are enhanced with Surfly’s co-browsing capabilities. Companies can augment their chats, video or voice calls over the web with Co-Browsing for an effortless, all around customer experience –natively integrated with Microsoft Skype for Business.

Gaining a competitive edge is more important than ever – this new partnership lets agents focus on delivering impeccable service, making the most of the context of a customer contact.

“We are excited to partner with Luware. Surfly’s and Luware’s partnership has the potential to reshape the industry. Our partnership will help drive growth for both companies, create a unique value for our customers worldwide and deepen our customer relationships – while at the same time improving agent and employee productivity.” – Nicholas Piël Founder and CEO of Surfly.

“Surfly gives Luware a competitive edge by enabling our clients to better understand their customers, work more closely with them and thereby promote customer loyalty,” says Philipp Beck, CEO of Luware and adds: “Our two companies – both innovative pioneers – complement each other perfectly and we look forward to a successful cooperation.”

About Surfly

Surfly has developed a visual engagement tool for sharing web sessions online. With Surfly co-browsing solution and video chat, support agents and advisors can remotely assist website visitors.

Unlike screen sharing, Surfly’s unique approach does not require you to download any software or plugins, nor does it require any installation – making it simple, fast and safe. With our innovative solution, companies can easily roll out and deploy co-browsing in their contact centers or on their website in a matter of minutes. By adding Surfly’s turnkey service, advisors can move seamlessly across different communication channels (Telephone, Whatsapp, Facebook, Phone or web chat) to a collaborative web-session as they engage with their customers. Moreover, during a co-browse session support agents and advisors can also share and view documents that reside on their local machine by just dragging them into the browser window.