Luware Interact turns digital consultations into valuable interactions

Zurich, Switzerland: Luware officially launched Interact, a software that enables easy and secure on-demand web-based consultations. The video and voice chat works without any plugins and feeds interactions directly into your Microsoft Teams client.

Luware’s newest addition to the Nimbus suite lets businesses optimally support customers through web-based on-demand sessions. With voice and video chats, customers receive a personal and interactive experience – wherever they are, whenever they want, and on whatever device they are using. The user doesn’t require any plugin but can start a consultation directly from a web browser. This removes communication barriers and makes contacting an organization effortless.

Luware Interact is not yet another platform that needs to be handled but uses Teams as the communication platform for the employee and adds a customer endpoint for web browsers. This means that the presence status of the employee shown on the website will always be accurate as all consultations are answered by employees directly in Teams. Once the call has started, all Teams chat modalities become available, enabling a seamless interactive experience. Customers can send photos of their insurance claims or of items they would like to find. Employees can share their screen and take customers through documents. Interactions remain in the organization’s Teams tenant, ensuring interactions to be safe and compliant, even for organizations with high-security standards such as banks or insurances.

With Luware Interact, organizations can offer convenient digital consultations for customers and turn them into valuable interactions.

Why Luware Interact?


  • Luware Interact requires no plugins and removes communication barriers
  • All interactions are answered directly into employees’ Teams client
  • No interactions leave the organization’s Teams tenant. Luware Interact provides a safe space to connect with customers.
  • Luware interact creates valuable interactions that boost customer experience, trust, and ultimately business


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