How Luware Interact helps to cultivate strong connections with customers

With an accelerated trend of digitalizing business, customers learned that many things work remotely and embraced this movement. Increased flexibility, as well as time and cost savings, meant that video communication was welcomed with open arms – especially when it comes to consultations with banks, insurances, or retail.

Who doesn’t hate the back and forth of arranging a meeting with a service provider? The only available appointment is usually one that barely fits into your calendar. Your day is complicated by travels and requires organizational juggling. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient to check if the advisor is available when you’re in the right frame of mind for a consultation? Digital consultations are a game changer and make everyone’s life easier. Digital and personal consultations that are easy and stress-free – that is the future.

The power of face-to-face interactions

Video calls take intention: Customers that call your business are more likely to be mentally present, even if they are elsewhere physically. Meetings become more efficient and there is an added value to interactions. 98% of people say that video conferencing helps to build relationships both inside and outside of the company. Nonverbal cues are essential for understanding, and create trust and transparency. The simple act of showing yourself means that customers know you are there for them. Video calls cultivate strong connections that will ultimately drive conversions and boost your business.

Digital and personal Interactions

Luware Interact facilitates easy and secure on-demand web-based digital consultations. Customers receive a personal and interactive experience – wherever they are, whenever they want it and on whatever device they are using. They can start Voice – and video calls directly through a browser, without any plug-ins. Employees answer all calls in Teams. This means that the same presence status shown on the website will always be accurate. The removal of technological barriers makes contacting your business with Luware Interact effortless.


Video is great for building trust; collaboration is central to seamless interactions. Because all interactions are based in Microsoft Teams, all Teams chat modalities are available once the video call has started. Chat or share your screen. Customers can send you a photo of an insurance claim or of an item they would like to find. Employees can share their screen and take customers through documents. Consultations become easy and most of all paper-free.

Safe and compliant

Interactions stay in your organization’s Teams Tenant. This makes interactions safe and compliant, even for organizations with high-security standards such as banks or insurances. As Microsoft’s security and privacy standards apply, interactions stay between you and your customer.

Why Luware Interact?

  • Luware Interact requires no plugins and removes any technological barriers, so that customers can easily contact their advisor
  • All interactions are answered directly into employees’ Teams client
  • No interactions leave your organization’s Teams tenant. Luware Interact provides a safe space to connect with your customers
  • Luware interact creates valuable interactions that boost your business


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