LUCS 3.4 & Stratus Agent update

We have invested heavily in the further development of our Contact Center solutions for both Skype for Business and Teams. Among the highlights are the update to the .NET framework 4.7.2 and the added flexibility with the new external web requests trigger sets. Furthermore, the completely new Dashboard allows users to easily put together their KPIs and information widgets to have all the relevant data at a glance.

Forecast reporting to predict call volume

The brand-new forecast report uses a Python Script in the background to calculate call volumes up to three months in advance. For this calculation, the report uses around 10 predefined parameters such as customer-specific call volumes from the past as reference point as well as public holidays and special sales days like Black Friday. Additionally, customers can add their own parameters, e.g. warehouse backlogs, into the forecast. The system calculates correlations between parameters and automatically includes those with a significant impact. Public holidays which are not on a specific date every year, e.g. Easter, are automatically set to the correct date and included into the calculation accordingly.  The forecast report for Power BI shows the predicted call volume and range with the estimated minimum and maximum number of calls. The more data that is available for the calculation, the more accurate the forecast will be, narrowing down the predicted call volume range. This powerful report helps organizations to optimize their staff planning ahead of time and thus ensures consistently short waiting times for customers.

The brand-new forecast report predicts call volumes 3 months into the future

Update to .NET 4.7.2

To benefit from and operate with the latest Microsoft Graph API as well as other frameworks and APIs, we have updated the required framework version of our solutions to .NET 4.7.2 or newer. Customers that still run older versions are required to perform an update to at least the 4.7.2 version before upgrading to LUCS 3.4 or the latest Stratus Agent update respectively. With the newer framework version, customers also benefit from security patches and bug fixes.

External Web requests trigger sets

External Web Request Triggers allow to send out External Web Request at predefined Trigger Points during the lifetime of a task handled or initiated by the agent (Incoming, Outgoing, Conversation-As, External or Callback). This feature adds additional flexibility for interactions with third-party systems, independent of or in conjunction with the already existing workflow activity ‘External Web Request’. This allows for custom requirements to be more easily and quickly implemented, e.g. opening a customer dossier from a CRM system.  Thanks to these new trigger points, there are a lot of improvements for the parameters as well. Metadata about a conversation (e.g. who called, when, who was the caller transferred to) are saved in the parameter and can be used at the trigger points in the call flows. The parameters are available throughout the entire duration of the call.


The completely new Dashboard complements the existing LUCS Frontend. It is optimized for various screen sizes thanks to its responsive design. It was built on the latest web technologies and with a focus on intuition and straight-forward usability to provide a great user experience. The widget-based Dashboard allows users to quickly create Dashboards for themselves or their teams. Widgets include KPIs such as Service Level, Agents ready for Service and Reachability as well as useful information like the weather or a clock.  It is a useful addition to the LUCS Frontend, and we will continuously develop further widgets and functionalities for the new Dashboard.

The new Dashboard is optimized for all screen sizes and allows users to quickly create Dashboards for themselves or their teams.

Small features with big impact

Our LUCS 3.4 and latest Stratus Agent update brings more features such as Keeping the position in the queue when requesting a callback or allowing multiple External System Configurations. Check out the Luware Knowledge Base for the complete LUCS 3.4 release notes as well as the Stratus Agent release notes including all the details.