LUCS 3.3

The LUCS 3.3 release brings updates and many new features; Standalone opening hours, API with role-based access, the latest Power BI reporting template and preferred agent workflow element. This update focuses on the administrator functionalities and empowers them with the flexibility to adapt to the needs of the business.

Standalone Opening Hours

Previously, opening hours could only be managed through exchange or Office 365 mailboxes. With the release 3.3, they can now be adapted directly within the LUCS configurator or web interface. Administrators and supervisors can set the opening hours for their services and can adapt certain days for special events, country specific holidays and other internal changes in real-time.

Opening hours can be adapted directly within the LUCS configurator or web interface

API Key with role-based access

The new API with role-based access allows API keys to be issued with a much more granular level of permissions set. For instance, administrators can issue API keys with read only permissions to an organization so that the data is safe from being adapted. This provides greater security for businesses with various organizations within.

API keys allow a very granular level of permissions set

New Power BI Template

The new Power BI template provides supervisors with a simplified overview with clear graphs. Therewith, they can see everything at a glance and have all relevant information at hand to make informed decisions to adapt processes in the customer service.

Power BI template provides administrators with a simplified overview

Set Preferred Agent

The preferred agent can be set or reset in a new workflow element. In combination with other Workflow Elements, such as external web request or database lookup, the preferred agent can be requested and set by a third-party system, e.g. CRM or ERP. This means administrators can keep the configuration of the preferred agent in one system and the workflow does not have to be adapted. If the preferred agent is not available then – just as before – the caller can be routed to the responsible team.

The preferred agent can be set or reset in the workflow element


Read more information on these and other features in the Release Notes on the Knowledge Base.